quintly API documentation


The quintly API is made for you to access all the stats that you can access within the tool also in an automated way. You need to have a quintly business account in order to access this API. The API is currently in beta status, so please get in touch with us if you want to get access.


For authentication we use HTTP Basic Auth. For the username you have to send your quintly client id and for the password your API secret. If you don't have these details yet, please get in touch with our support.


Our API works on a credit based system. With your business account you get a certain amount of API credits for free (included) every month which you can use for your requests. If you go beyond this limit you will need to buy extra credits. During the beta phase we don't charge you any additional credits, but rather get in touch with you in case your using patterns bring to much load to our systems.


We have implemented two different methods:

1. get

This method is used to get any data.

Sample request:

We give you a JSON response which looks something like this:
{ "success": true, "meta" : ..., "data": ... }

2. get-balance

This method is used to give you the current credit balance of your account.

Sample request

{ "success": true, "balance": XYZ }

Metrics and credits needed

At the moment you can access the following metrics:

metric name credits per data point
facebookFanCount 1.00
facebookFanChange 1.00
facebookFanChangeRate 1.00
facebookOwnPosts 1.00
facebookUserPosts 1.00
facebookInteractionRate 1.50
facebookPeopleTalking 1.00
facebookPeopleTalkingRate 1.50
facebookPeopleTalkingAverage 1.00
facebookPeopleTalkingRateAverage 1.50
facebookAverageLikesPerOwnPost 1.00
facebookAverageCommentsPerOwnPost 1.00
facebookAverageSharesPerOwnPost 1.00
facebookAverageInteractionPerOwnPost 1.00
facebookCheckins 1.00
facebookCheckinsChange 1.00
twitterFollower 1.00
twitterFollowerChange 1.00
twitterFollowerChangeRate 1.00
twitterFollowing 1.00
twitterFollowingChange 1.00
twitterFollowingChangeRate 1.00
twitterTweets 1.00
twitterTweetsChange 1.00
twitterOwnTweetsChange 1.00
twitterInteractionRate 1.50
twitterRetweets 1.00
twitterAverageRetweetsPerOwnTweet 1.00
twitterMentions 1.00
youtubeSubscriber 1.00
youtubeSubscriberChange 1.00
youtubeSubscriberChangeRate 1.00
youtubeVideosTotal 1.00
youtubeVideos 1.00
youtubeViewsTotal 1.00
youtubeViewsChange 1.00
youtubeViewsChangeRate 1.00
youtubeViewSubscriberRate 1.50
youtubeAverageViewsPerVideo 1.00
youtubeInteractionRate 1.50
youtubeAverageInteractionsPerVideo 1.00
youtubeAverageFavoritesPerVideo 1.00
youtubeAverageLikesPerVideo 1.00
youtubeAverageDislikesPerVideo 1.00
youtubeAverageCommentsPerVideo 1.00
googlePlusCircleFollower 1.00
googlePlusCircleFollowerChange 1.00
googlePlusCircleFollowerChangeRate 1.00
googlePlusPagePlusOne 1.00
googlePlusPagePlusOneChange 1.00
googlePlusPagePlusOneChangeRate 1.00
googlePlusPosts 1.00
googlePlusInteractionRate 1.50
googlePlusAveragePlusOnePerPost 1.00
googlePlusAverageCommentsPerPost 1.00
googlePlusAverageSharesPerPost 1.00
googlePlusAverageInteractionsPerPost 1.00