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quintly - Our Blog Headlines Januar 2013 - Graph Search And MoreJanuary 2013 has already passed and there were a lot of news about Facebook and, of course, social media analytics. Therefore, we want to offer an overview of the main topics in our blog. The last month was truly dominated by the newly introduced Facebook feature – the Graph Search. Since this feature is currently only being rolled out gradually only a few users can use it effectively. Thus, there are a lot of speculations and guesses whether and how these new social Graph Search will change our search behavior, which is currently influenced almost exclusively by Google. What does this mean for businesses on Facebook? But there were a lot more interesting social media analyses and articles, so check the roundup of our top blog posts:

Facebooks Graph Search, Banks, Analytics And More

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Max is Online Marketing & Sales Manager at quintly. His interests are: Facebook / Social Analytics, #SoLoMo; Content, Social, Mobile, Neuro - all kinds of Marketing, Apps, Augmented Reality, Entrepreneurship and Gadgets.

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