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quintly Infographic: The Rise Of Social Media Analytics - The Demand Keeps GrowingSocial media has become an important part in the lives for most of the people. The interest in social networking seems to continue unabated. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube already reach maturity and upcoming networks like Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram and more are now wooing the attention of users. Especially the worldwide ubiquity of smartphones provides a new upswing for mobile social networking. Therefore social media is still growing in an unbelievable pace.

But where so many people gather, companies and their marketing are away in a blink of the eye. Social media marketing is today one of the most important channels in the marketing mix of nearly any business in the world. No other channel crosses so much through all departments of a company. Therefore a very high demand for social media analytics tools is obvious. The rise of social media analytics seems to be unbroken and hasn’t reached its peak yet.

In order to show how high the search volume for social media analytics solutions has grown over time and that the interest in analytics solutions for the top social networks apparently is very dependent on the country, my colleague Joe created a brand new infographic. Therefore we checked the global and country specific search volume for Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Google Plus Analytics and Pinterest Analytics since early 2007 with the help of Google Trends.

The Rise Of Social Media Analytics

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<a href="http://quint.ly/YE9H2B" target="_blank"><img src="http://s3.amazonaws.com/static.quintly.com/infographic/quintly_infographic_the_rise_of_social_media_analytics.jpg" alt="quintly Infographic: The Rise Of Social Media Analytics - The Demand Keeps Growing" /></a>

quintly Infographic: The Rise Of Social Media Analytics – The Demand Keeps Growing

What do you think? Is Social Media Analytics important for you?


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Max is Online Marketing & Sales Manager at quintly. His interests are: Facebook / Social Analytics, #SoLoMo; Content, Social, Mobile, Neuro - all kinds of Marketing, Apps, Augmented Reality, Entrepreneurship and Gadgets.

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