We all hear the discussions about Social Media ROI all the time, but in the end there is no standard answer to the question on the return of your social media activities. That’s why we want to show you a [...]

We just released another update to our Facebook Key Interacting Users feature which allows you to see the individual posts and comments of the according users in the ranking. With this new addition you cannot only see who is interacting [...]

The new year is here and so it’s time to make some predictions on what will happen in the social media space in 2014. But before we start I want to take a quick look back on my Facebook predictions [...]

We want to shout out a big thanks to all our clients that supported us through 2013 and gave us the chance to build a great product and a great company. The year was an extraordinary one for us here [...]

Google+ gets more and more important, especially for SEO reasons. That’s why we integrated it in quintly some weeks ago to make it easy for you to include Google+ analytics into your social media reporting and optimize your strategy from [...]