Thanks to an email of one of our users this morning we became aware of fundamental changes of the numbers in our Facebook country statistics section. As noted several times, our Facebook countries statistics are based on the Facebook advertising data. Just recently there [...]

After some fuss about the accuracy of the Facebook country stats things are back to normal now. Some providers considered to change the presentation of these stats or even ended to show Facebook country estimates to public visitors. But we [...]

There were quite a lot of discussions about the Facebook country statistics and user numbers in the last month. Again, it was about the recurring question of whether Facebook is losing millions of users or not. The whole story was heated up [...]

The voices are growing louder that young users, so to speak the new generation, increasingly puts less value on Facebook. Especially platforms like Tumblr or apps like Snapchat are currently enjoying great popularity among teenagers. It is also often assumed that the next [...]

We are already in March of this year and it’s time to throw a glance at our Facebook country statistics. If we take a look at the Facebook news of February, there wasn’t such big one like the introduction of [...]

Facebooks Graph Search was the major topic in the first month of 2013. We have also written about it, and contributed our initial thoughts how this new social search will change the social media marketing of businesses and also our [...]