We just released another update to our Facebook Key Interacting Users feature which allows you to see the individual posts and comments of the according users in the ranking. With this new addition you cannot only see who is interacting [...]

It’s time again to check the average Facebook page performance. The February version of our recurring infographic is now available. This time we added the values of our infographic of¬†February 2013 to enable you to compare some of the results. [...]

Due to the permanent adaptation and optimization of the Facebook news feed and the implementation of over thousand different weights for users, it has become a major challenge for Facebook pages to reach their existing audience. Meanwhile, many pages are [...]

Our infographic about the average Facebook page performance seems to be very popular and due to a large number of requests, we now carry this further. You can easily check all recent infographics on this matter here. In our continuous [...]

What is the difference between traditional businesses and the Internet? Exactly, the Internet is always open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In times of social media, you may ask yourself, do brands also communicate 24 [...]

Facebook was quite late with the hashtag feature and there were a lot of discussions about this introduction. Many sources predicted that this feature would be a failure due to the network mechanism differences of Facebook and other services like [...]