The quintly analytics engineers are on a feature frenzy. After recently adding new metrics for analyzing and benchmarking Facebook fans by country and key interacting Facebook users they have not stopped working. This time we focused on the expansion of [...]

Since we restructured and redesigned our social media analytics tool from scratch, we did not break to make quintly better and better. Over the last weeks we rolled out a bunch of optimizations concerning overall performance and loading times of [...]

“This feels right. I think I’m going with my guts on this.” As a data guy, I’m glad I have learned not to make that mistake. Only going with your intuition won’t get you far in the fast and ever-changing [...]

Social media analytics are not just for the end-user. And neither should those statistics be seen only as vanity metrics. Working with up-to-date data goes way beyond and has to fulfill certain requirements to be of use for a whole [...]

Social media commander, advance deeper into the promising realm of the new quintly. Yes, you might have already gotten a glimpse of the improved design and the addition of several new features. But you wouldn’t be reading this, if there wasn’t [...]

With the release of the new quintly we have fundamentally changed the design and analysis structure of our tool and set new standards for professional social media analytics. At the same time we have also introduced some really new metrics and [...]