Google+ gets more and more important, especially for SEO reasons. That’s why we integrated it in quintly some weeks ago to make it easy for you to include Google+ analytics into your social media reporting and optimize your strategy from [...]

No matter how advanced your social media strategy already is, you will always need to define your goals and measure towards them. A good social media reporting will help you to not forget the big picture and also make it [...]

High competition requires a well driven marketing. But a well driven marketing requires as many information about the market as possible. Firstly, you need to know which opportunities you have to grow on the market, but secondly you also need [...]

Social media marketing is of increasing importance to businesses and organizations. Maybe you have your business running successfully for a while already. Or maybe you just started a company and you are new on the market. But either way, it [...]

“This feels right. I think I’m going with my guts on this.” As a data guy, I’m glad I have learned not to make that mistake. Only going with your intuition won’t get you far in the fast and ever-changing [...]

YouTube combines a bunch of relevant attributes for today’s social media marketing strategies. First, YouTube is today the number two search engine and moreover there is rarely a search query where there is no YouTube video on the first page [...]