Paying money for music? This is the question many music-lovers ask themselves when they want to hear songs from their favorite artists everywhere and every time. The popularity of CDs is far away, filling the smart phone or the MP3-Player [...]

Less than a hundred years ago, people were afraid when they first sat in front of a big screen which showed moving pictures. But soon people were impressed by this amazing technical progress and visiting cinema became a popular activity [...]

Maybe your company has been active in social media successfully for quite a while. Or maybe you just started to explore the possibilities on Facebook, Twitter and a multitude of other channels. But either way, chances are high you are [...]

It’s August. If you like it or not, summer is going to be over soon. Luckily there are already some really good movies lining up for the dark and cold seasons ahead. But how are the film studios doing in [...]

Blizzard, Ubisoft, Konami – names we read every time we start playing a video game. But what’s really behind those names? Today we’ll have a look at the social media appearances of a very interesting group of social media marketers: [...]

The internet and, of course, the rise and worldwide adoption of social media and mobile surfing revolutionized a lot of industries. Also the fashion world got strongly disrupted. Through social networks and the exploding number of fashion blogs the world of clothing [...]