Measure Your Social Media Marketing Success

We give you all the data you need

Market Benchmarking

Benchmark your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles with that of competitors or best-practice examples, even if you do not administer these pages.

Save Time And Focus

Save time and concentrate on the important things and leave the complex data import processes with us.

Automated Reports

Automate the reporting of your social media data. Set up white-labled templates, easily create custom reports and send them as you like.


Facebook Insights Integration

Import your Facebook Insights data for the pages you administer to track and compare them in more detail than ever.

Even More Features

Helping you to analyze your social media profiles and improve your marketing performance:
Export And Share
Instantly share your social media metrics with everyone you like. Export as CSV, Excel and image files for custom calculations.

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Performance Analysis By Time
Finally get to know which content works best based on interactions at which time of the day and weekday.

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Facebook Content Analysis
Our Facebook content stats will show you which type of content (image, link, video, etc.) performs best based on interaction.

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Facebook Interaction Analytics
To analyze the communication on your page we have created multiple KPIs to measure the interaction (Likes/Comments/Shares).

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Facebook Key Metrics Radar
The Facebook radar chart helps you to get an instant benchmark of different pages over absolute and relative KPIs in one place.

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Detailed Follower Statistics
Get a deeper understanding of your Twitter Following behavior, check the analysis for Follower development, change and further detailed stats.

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Custom Events
Create custom events for your pages or groups to see the direct impact from your marketing campaigns.

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Advanced Grouping
Use our advanced grouping capabilities to manage huge amounts of pages and still keep the overview on the important stats.

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Detailed Fan Statistics
Get a deeper understanding of your Facebook fanbase, check the analysis for fan development, change and further detailed stats.

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People Talking About This Metrics
Demystify the People Talking About This numbers. Use our related anaylses to check your Facebook Marketing performance.

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Response Time Measurement
Response times of user questions are a sensitive issue and should be monitored as Facebook is becoming more and more a place for support requests.

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Twitter Content Analysis
Our Twitter content analysis will show you detailed stats for your own tweets and your retweets.

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Custom Indices
Build your own indices based on specific groups. This will allow you to define your own sectors and create an average page out of it.

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Custom Dashboard
Set up your custom dashboard within seconds. Place any analysis as a widget onto your dashboard and drag and drop the position.

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Facebook Places
Manage large amounts of Facebook places and track and compare the number of checkins by time interval and absolute number to optimze your social media marketing.

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Full Featured API
Get access the first API for historic, public Facebook page data. Simply and safely include the valuable data into your custom dashboard solutions or other integrations.

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Twitter Engagement Analytics
Measure your Twitter engagement for a successful social media marketing. With quintly you can easily check your retweet metrics, Twitter interaction rate and more.

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