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We empower businesses to use social media successfully.

Social media analytics is at the core of who we are and what we do. But that's only one part of a much bigger, global story.


The philosophy that guides us

We believe in data-driven decision making. With the amount of social media data available today, effective analytics can help make the difference in social media marketing. It's our goal to make advanced solutions available to our partners and empower them for successful social media marketing.

When you do something, you've got to do it right. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to building specialized social media analytics solutions that cater to professional users across a wide range of company types.

By providing a flexible and highly customizable platform with a tailored set of features, we thrive on creating real benefits for businesses. We're here to help you achieve your social media goals based on data-backed decisions through an effective analysis of your company profiles.

The values that drive how we work

Behind everything we do, we follow our common core values. Team spirit and meeting each other at eye-level defines our everyday work life. The same is reflected in our client relations: We see quintly users as partners, guiding them towards better business by achieving their goals. 

We promote self-reliance, individual education possibilities and room to grow. When team members can develop their own strengths, talents and an eye for the details, that's when expertise grows, innovation thrives and full client satisfaction is made possible.

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The company that makes quintly

From a small social media tracking project to a growing international company represented in Germany, the US and Brazil, quintly has come a long way.

Today, we have about 30 hard working team members who believe in empowering our clients to take their social media marketing to the next level through one awesome analytics product.

As a bootstrapped business, an agile approach to operations and sustainable growth has paved our path. Organizations working with quintly count on us as a reliable partner and so we're passionate about connecting with those people as we continue on our collective journey to better our product and the social media solutions it provides.

A brief history of quintly

We've come from humble beginnings and steady growth to new and  innovative solutions. Read more about our journey below.


Early beginnings

Our founders wanted a simple and affordable solution to track and compare Facebook pages as most were still doing it manually. Thus quintly's first iteration was born. But not without two name changes along the way!

FALL 2012

A time of rapid growth

After a much-needed rebrand, quintly was born. With over 25,000 users and analytics solutions for more networks, we continued to build on our web tool to help customers with their social media marketing.

Spring 2014

Going state-side

In addition to our HQ in Cologne, our US corporation was opened in San Francisco, to address the American market and be closer to the innovative ecosystem of Silicon Valley. We also introduced our custom query language for developing metrics, called QQL.

Winter 2017

The new quintly

After much development and demand for better social media solutions, the new version of quintly's analytics tool was released. With improved features and a fresh, easy-to-use UI, the next chapter for quintly began.

Where we are today

Here are some recent company stats since, let's face it, we're nerds.


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