Free Facebook Country StatsSeptember has begun, and it’s time to look back at our global Facebook country statistics. In our last article on the changes of the Facebook country stats for August, we asked ourselves whether the impressive user growth in the UK was due to their manifold Olympic visitors, or if a lot of British residents signed up with Facebook for the first time. Here’s the answer.


Facebook Country Stats September 2012

Checking the countries’ Top 10 we can see that only Indonesia keeps losing Facebook users. On the other hand the USA reappeared after a period of user losses with a growth of over 7.5 million new Facebook users. And, as has already been pointed out, the UK continues to grow by adding nearly 4.4 million new users. This means that in fact new UK residents signed up for Facebook, and Facebook itself didn’t count the Olympic vistors as new users of the United Kingdom.

Facebook Country Data for September 2012

The United Kingdoms Facebook Country Stats

Britain’s Facebook user base continues to grow. This time the growth amounted to a mere 12.3% where last month the percentage growth added up to 16% already. In our opinion the reason for that is related to the first so-called Socialympics, the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London.

The United States Back On Track

After a months of stagnation and also user losses, the US Facebok user numbers seem to be back in the game by having grown 4.22%. Adding more than 7.5 million new users within the last month is a great turnaround. This fact clearly runs contrary to the reports and surveys that rumored about a certain facebook disaffection.

The Facebook user development of the United States within the last 6 months:

Facebook User Base Performance U.S.