Free Facebook Country Stats

It’s already October and therefore it’s time again to take a look at the global Facebook country statistics. In our recent Facebook country stats related articles, we recognized the huge user base growth in the U.K., which was in our opinion due to the Olympic games and also last month the positive turnaround of the U.S. user growth. Furthermore, and this is interesting for this months stats, Facebook started to delete fake user accounts during the last week. So, the question is, if we can find one or more countries that have lost a larger amount of users?

Facebook Country Stats October 2012

First of all,  you can easily notice that the overall Facebook user base has grown by more than 30 million people. In total that means, that there are more than 944 million Facebook users worldwide. Also the Top 10 countries were not affected by any user loss. Indonesia even added more than 4 million users during the last month and is now nearly at the same user numbers of 44 million as back in July 2012. The United States continues to grow. Blogs that are writing about a Facebook disinterest by the U.S. people are currently not right.

Top 10 Countries - Facebook Country Stats

Back to the Facebook fake account deletion last week. So if we sort the Facebook country stats table by percentage user loss, we can’t find extraordinary losses. There are 17 countries from an overall 211 countries on Facebook, which have lost some users. These countries are really the smaller ones, like Guernsey, Equatorial Guines, Guam and others. But of course you can’t be sure by 100%, if this is a normal user loss or not.

Countries with user loss - Facebook Country Stats