Red Bull Stratos - Baumgartner JumpWhat a show! On Sunday, Red Bull, their Stratos project and their sponsored daredevil Felix Baumgartner successfully completed the jump from the stratosphere. This unique PR and marketing stunt by Red Bull probably cost 50 million euros ( = $ 65.22 million) and was logistically supported by the NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

While Baumgartner broke numerous world records, such as the break through the sound barrier with 1342 km/h (834 mi/h) or the highest jump from a platform at 39,045 meters (128.100 feet), the whole mission also succeeded in the social web by creating a really big echo. According to YouTube, the life stream of Baumgartners jump was watched by more than 8 million people all over the world. Currently the official Red Bull Stratos channel has nearly 405 million views. Also on Twitter the stratos mission dominated the global trends and they are having over 250k followers at the moment.

But that’s not all. Of course we deeply checked the Facebook stats for Baumgartner, the Red Bull Stratos page and also the main Red Bull page to measure their success on Facebook.

The Fan Growth Through The Red Bull Stratos Mission

The biggest leap was made by the Facebook page of Felix Baumgartner. Between the 13th October and the 14th October over 570k fans were generated. On that day the Red Bull Stratos paged added up to 270k, while Red Bulls main page generated only 80k new fans on that day, which is quite a normal number by having already over 32 million fans.

Facebook page of Red Bull, Red Bull Stratos and Felix Baumgartner

Actually really impressive, that Felix Baumgartners page grows by 515% over the last 7 days. The Red Bull Stratos page anyhow reached a fan growth of 124% within a week.

Red Bull Stratos Mission In Discussion On Facebook

Furthermore quite interesting are the numbers of People Talking About. If you look again the fan numbers of three pages you can easily see how amazing these absolute numbers of the people talking about metric are. Although Baumgartner’s and Stratos Facebook page have over 30 million fans less than the Red Bull main page, nearly 288k people talking about them, while Red Bull reached only 440k people in total.

People Talking About Red Bull, Baumgartner

When we checked the People Talking About Rate for Baumgartner and the Red Bull pages we saw almost unbelievable numbers. Baumgartner got a PTAT-Rate of more than 104%, while for the Red Bull Stratos page it were 75% on the 13th October. Red Bulls main page remained normal for pages of that size getting a rate of 1.5%.

PTAT-Rate of Baumgartner and Red Bull

If you can’t get enough of all that numbers, just check the Facebook KPIs for Baumgartners, Stratos and Red Bulls Facebook page:

Facebook KPIs for Red Bull and Baumgartner

At least 44,227 user posts  and 388,399 comments were written on Felix Baumgartners Facebook page within the last 6 days mostly whishing him all the best and good luck.

If you miss to watch that outstanding event you can watch the stratosphere jump here again.