quintly Facebook Country StatsIt’s already December and the year 2012 comes to an end. 2012, a year full of highs and lows for Facebook and exciting developments in all areas of the largest social network in the world. Outstanding certainly was the cracking of one billion Facebook users and, of course, the IPO of the blue giant. It’s time to check the Facebook Country Stats for the last month of this year.

Facebook Country Stats December 2012

The question is, is there a Facebook fatigue? Are the users turning to other networks and technologies? In one word: NO! The country growth seems despite the major cleanup of fake accounts to be unabated. If we look at the top 10 countries of our Facebook country stats, only Indonesia has lost users. A turnaround for the island nation in Asia, because in October, Indonesia had increased its user base significantly. But a loss of 0.37% is rather low at about 50 million active accounts. Especially the second-placed Brazil was set with a plus of 2.64%, or about 1.6 million new users and so grows again properly.

 Top 10 Facebook countries - quintly Facebook Country Statistics

But how does the other side of the picture look like? Yes, there are also countries that are losing more users than gaining new ones. As already mentioned, next to Indonesia, countries such as Nigeria, South Africa and Yemen went in to the red numbers. Yemen even lost more than 22% of its user base. Overall 62 out of a total of 210 countries in our Facebook Country Stats have to accept user losses.

quintly Facebook Country Statistics Worldwide

The Outlook On The Facebook Country Stats 2013

As you can see, the enthusiasm for Facebook seems to be unbroken. Although the use of Facebook shifted gradually to mobile devices, we couldn’t discover any negative trends among the Facebook Country Stats. Of course, the growth cannot continue infinitely. But in 2013, a greater exodus of users actually seems unlikely.