Banks and the financial sector play a major role in the daily media. Just today the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has again made headlines in the worldwide news. For this reason we want to take a deeper look at the Facebook performance of top banks worldwide, and also because more and more financial institutes are entering the social media universe. But first of all we have to define the top ten banks which we want to include in our analysis. We decided to base our ranking on the assets of the banks and with a little research we came to the following list.

The World’s Top 10 Banks (By Total Assets In US$ 2012)

Pos. Name Assets in 2012 (in Billion US$)
1. Royal Bank of Scotland Group 2,801
2. Barclays 2,740
3. Deutsche Bank 2,554
4. BNP Paribas 2,543
5. HSBC 2,541
6. JP Morgan Chase 2,447
7. Credit Agricole 2,429
8. Citigroup 2,398
9. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial 2,341
10. ING Group 2,264

Now that we know about the most valued banks it’s time to check and compare their performance on Facebook. At this point it should be mentioned that two banks, the JP Morgan Chase and the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, don’t have any official Facebook page. This is why we added the Bank of America and the Banco Santander Bank to our industry analysis.

First Look On The Banks On Facebook

Lets look at the activities of our chosen banks on Facebook. Like in every analysis at first we focus our attention on the data table with the most important key metrics to get a first overview about the general performance. At first glance we can say that the ranking sorted by the assets looks totally different to the ranking sorted by Facebook fans. The only bank that kept its position is the ING Group.

Pos. Image Name Fans
1. Bank of America 788,897
2. Citigroup Facebook Page Citigroup 466,195
3. BNP Facebook Page BNP Paribas 229,111
4. Barclays Facebook Page Barclays 90,810
5. Crédit Agricole Facebook Page Crédit Agricole 76,970
6. Banco Santander Facebook Page Banco Santander 63,523
7. Deutsche Bank Facebook Page Deutsche Bank 29,887
8. Royal Bank of Scotland Facebook Page Royal Bank of Scotland 9,519
9. HSBC Facebook Page HSBC Bank 1,379
10. ING Facebook Page ING Group 1,189

As you can see in the table, the Bank of America is the biggest financial institute on Facebook. With approximately 788k fans this page isn’t a giant on Facebook but it’s enough to beat the other competitors. On the second place is the Citigroup (466k). Furthermore the fan change chart revealed some interesting facts.

Fan Change Chart of the Banks on Facebook

As you can see in this graph, the number of fans is changing a lot. For example when we look at the first week of this year we see that BNP Paribas Net and the Bank of America gained a lot of growth. In contrast to the BNP the Bank of America could keep this growth until today. Even the numbers of Barclays are very impressive. It’s the financial institution with the highest fan growth in the last couple of days.

Key Metrics - Radar Chart of the Banks on Facebook

When we now check the key metric – radar chart we can see that despite the high fan appreciation the Bank of America got a quite low fan-growth-rate. In this category the winner is Barclays.

A visually very interesting analysis is the Own Post Chart, which shows the number of posts that each of the banks published in the analyzed period. Here we have a head to head race between Banco Santander (Spain) and the Bank of America. One institution, that has diminished steadily in recent times is Barclays.

What do you think about Banks on Facebook an their social media performance? Are you missing a relevant metric or do you have a question? Just drop us a line in the comments.