Graph Search IconWith the launch of Facebook’s new Graph Search the question comes up what effect this will have on brands and how brands should adjust their social media strategy in order to leverage this new possibility the best. From my perspective, companies should focus their strategy regarding Graph Search to the following fields.

1) Be Engaging

The new Graph Search really brings engaging content to the top as rankings are mostly based on how many people like certain content or a certain brand. Users will for example use queries like “Restaurants my friends like nearby” or “Shopping malls my friends checked in to” and therefore it is really important to have a decent amount of interactions. This makes it even more important to focus on creating high quality and engaging content rather than focusing on pure fan/like numbers.

2) Get Your Page/Profile Information Up To Date And Complete

Graph Search is based on all the information which you enter on your pages and profiles. Therefore it is very important to make sure that you have all the important data on your site. You should optimize the about section, choose the right category and optimize the other fields as well.

Facebook Graph Search BETA

3) Recruiting

Graph Search makes it very easy to find people that fulfill certain criteria. Currently, you would need to spend a lot of money in ads to reach the right target audiences. Graph Search makes it possible to search for certain people directly, for example by things they like or interests they have. Of course, this is dependent on the privacy settings of the people (as only information from your friends networks and public information is shown), but as Facebook becomes more important for applicants to find a job, they will generate more public content.

It will be very interesting to see, what effect Graph Search will have on Facebook’s advertising revenue and how people are going to use it.

What do you think? Is Graph Search a big step forward towards social search or is this just another step on the way?