Facebook Performance Oscars 2013 NomineesYesterday, the nominees for the 2013 Oscars were announced and now the questions comes up, who will make the race and gets the coveted trophy. Lincoln for the best picture? The Hobbit for the best production? Now that the nominees are published, we want to take a look at the Facebook performance of the favorites.

The Movie Lincoln is leading the way to the 2013 Oscars. The movie about the 16th president picked up twelve Academy Award nominations, among others in the category for the best picture, the best production design and the best adapted screenplay. Followed closely by Ang Lee’s Life of Pi with eleven nominations. The third place is shared by Les Misérables and Silver Linings Playbook with eight nominations each.

Category: Best Picture

In this category the nominations are: Amour, Argo, Beast of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Lining Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. For me personally the winner is Django Unchained, but let´s check out the Facebook performance of these movies. Checking the Total Fans chart, Les Misérables is leading with more than 942k fans. This is obviously much more than Life of Pi (2nd place with 435k fans) and Django Unchained (3rd place with 322k fans).

Interaction Average per Post - Chart for the Category Best Picture

But looking at the interactions average per post of Les Misérables it also seems that this movie has the most active fans. This could be related to the fact that Les Misérables is publishing various types of posts.

Post Type Distribution for the Category Best Picture  - Oscar 2013

The Facebook Performance Of The Category: Best Visual Effects

The nominees in the category best visual effects are: Life of Pi, Prometheus, Snow White and Huntsman, The Avengers and The Hobbit. However, when we are looking at the Facebook performance especially at the fans total chart, we have a unique winner: The Avengers (5 Mio. fans).

 Fan Growth Rate for the Category Best Visual Effects Oscars 2013

For the Fan Growth Rate this looks completely different. In this view the winner is Life of Pi. This movie, which is based on a fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel, is clearly leading before Peter Jacksons The Hobbit and The Avengers. Altogether the category best visual effects seems to be very interesting. Depending on the chart we have a new winner.

Category: Best Production

In this category we also have five nominees: Anna Karenia, Les Misérables, Life of Pi,  Lincoln and The Hobbit. When we look at the fan total chart in this category The Hobbit (1 Mio. fans) leads with a large distance in front of the musical film adaptation Les Misérables (942k fans) and Life of Pi (435k fans).

User Posts Chart for the Category Best Production Oscar 2013

In this chart you can see very clearly that the Life of Pi fans are the most active fans. In the last 10 days the fans of Life of Pi posted more than 680 posts.

Finally we can say that the Oscars 2013 will be very interesting and exciting to watch. We will follow that topic and keep you up to date. What do you think? Who will be the winners?