Celebrities Go On The Chase in our Ranking of the most talked about Pages of the week 4 2013Another week is over and we want to introduce you to the most talked about Facebook pages of the last seven days. With the very first look on the new ranking we can see that a lot has changed since last week. The only page that could hold its position is the page on the pole position, God, and just like seven days ago the most talked about pages/topics are religion and science. One further change is the fact that brands or organizations are almost completely out of the top ten ranking. The only brand page that could improve their position is the international page about Trident. What’s a little odd about this page is that the user posts for the most part are written in Portuguese. If we then take a look on the public Facebook stats for this page we can see that many likes on this page came from São Paulo in Brazil.

Top Ten Most Talked About Pages On Facebook

Pos. Picture Page PTAT PTAT Rate (%)
1.(1.) God God 5,464,510 2,077.65
2.(7.) Jesus Daily 4,296,955 28.21
3.(5.) I fucking love sience I fucking love science 4,250,144 149.42
4.(2.) Family Guy “Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy… WHAT!!… hi! 4,022,516 44.69
5.(8.) Facebook for Every Phone Facebook for Every Phone 3,934,082 2.05
6.(-) Barack Obama Barack Obama 2,863,594 8.21
7.(3.) George Takei George Takei 2,846,488 84.11
8.(9.) Trident Trident 2,764,213 32.40
9.(4.) Profile Picture - Shut up i'm talking ShutUpImTalking.com 2,424,592 38.78
10.(-) Shakira Shakira 2,404,827 4.04

With another view of the table we recognize that the duel between religion and science is getting more and more exciting. This time last week, science was four places behind religion. Today it’s a mexican standoff among this two topics.

Welcome Shakira And Mr. President Obama

A new face or rather a new page in our ranking is Shakira. Apart from her musical successes we know Shakira from the article about the top 25 ranking of the best Facebook pages in 2012. This week the fans of the colombian pop-rock singer managed to get her idol in the most talked about pages of the week #4 ranking. The reason for this change is most probably the newborn baby Milan from Shakira and her husband Gerard Piqué.
Another newcomer in our illustrious round is president of the United Stats of America Barack Obama. In addition, he was a main character in one of our articles. The newly gained position from Mr. Obama can probably lead to his swearing a few days ago. This big media event from the United Stats, of course, leaves  traces in the social media landscape.
Besides the two new Celebrities there is a further star under the most talked about pages of the week. He couldn’t keep his third place from last week but he is still under the top ten George Takei.

What do you think about our ranking? What the celebrities are doing right and what the brands are doing wrong? Let us know your opinion.