Facebook NFL 2013Last weekend was exciting for football fans all over the world. Because it was finally time for the AFC and NFC Division Playoffs and there were high-profile games which the fans got to see. The New England Patriots are heading to the AFC Championship Game after defeating the Houston Texans 41-28. For the Atlanta Falcons, the motto of the evening: That was a near miss. The Seahawks have fought to the last minute and it looked as if they would make the impossible possible against Atlanta. The Seahawks came back from 20 points down to take a late lead, but a Matt Bryant field goal saved the Falcons from an embarrassing loss. The game between the Baltimore Ravens against the Denver Broncos was hard to beat. After the second overtime the Ravens won in the Divisional Playoff. The last game on the weekend was San Francisco 49ers versus Green Bay Packers. The 49ers won and will play in the Conference Championship against the Atlanta Falcons. After this exciting games, let’s check the performance of these teams on Facebook.

NFL On Facebook – The Last Four Teams Of This Season

The last four teams for this season are the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons. In the Conference Championship the Pats will play against the Ravens and the 49ers against the Falcons. Let’s check out the Key metrics – Data table to get the first overall view.

NFL on Facebook - Key Metric Data Table

Here you can see that the Patriots are leading the Fan total chart and this with a large distance to the second place. On the fan distribution (see below) it should be mentioned that the New England Patriots got as many Facebook fans as the other three teams have together.

NFL on Facebook - Fan Distribution Chart

Let’s take a look at the Fan-Growth-Rate to see how the pages grew in relativ terms. In this diagram you can easily notice the relative change of the fan count of a Facebook page in percent for a specific time interval. Here we can determine that the fan base of the last four teams grew after the division playoffs. The team from Baltimore books the biggest successes here.

NFL on Facebook - Fan Growth Rate

The next important variable in the analysis of Facebook pages is the People Talking About This-metric. With the help of the PTAT-chart it becomes clear that the Ravens come more and more into conversations on Facebook. In the last days and weeks, the team from Baltimore continuously increased their PTAT numbers. The New England Patriots are in contrast to that. Their PTAT numbers are steadily decreasing. Another metric that should be mentioned in this analysis are the user post numbers, to see which fans were putting the most content on the teams pages walls.

NFL on Facebook - People Talking About This Chart

Also in this diagram the Baltimore Ravens are clearly ahead. Especially after the last game, the Ravens fans have been, of course, very active. On the day of the division playoffs the Facebook page of the Ravens generated more than 1k user posts.

NFL on Facebook - User Posts Chart

After the exciting divisional playoffs we are looking forward to the conference championship. What do you think about our NFL on Facebook analysis and who will make the race and gets into the super bowl?