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Facebook Country Stats February 2013 - Top 10 Countries Lose Users Due To The Ongoing Account Cleanup

Facebooks Graph Search was the major topic in the first month of 2013. We have also written about it, and contributed our initial thoughts how this new social search will change the social media marketing of businesses and also our general search behavior. While a normal Google search results in list of links and web pages, so virtual objects, Facebooks search delievers real objects, like places, people and things as the result. You can also refine a graph search result more and more. Example: you can easily find people who like the same stuff like you, who live in the big city near you, like the music of the eighties and are able to speak 3 different languages. Of course, such a search power leads to privacy concerns for many users. So the question is whether this feature will have a negative impact on the Facebook country stats or not.

New Call-to-actionThe current user losses are obviously due to the ongoing cleanup of fake, spam, user-misclassified and duplicate accounts. This was again communicated in the Facebook 4th-quarter results, which indeed had surpassed the general estimates, shows us that mobile is booming, but also gave us a view on the current user numbers and the account cleanup processes.

Thanks to our friends of we can show you the following numbers: Currently there are Facebook users worldwide. Of these accounts there are 76.032.000 "bad" user accounts, which are divided into 52.800.000 duplicate accounts, 13.728.000 user-misclassified accounts and 9.504.000 spam accounts.

Facebook Country Stats February 2013

Checking the current top 10 countries, we can easily see that six countries lost a lot of users, while only four countries are still adding new users. While the number of users in Brazil are continuously increasing (+1.7 million), the United States lost nearly 3 million active users and Indonesia lost more than 2 million users. Both can, of course, be related to the above noted account cleanup process.

Facebook Country Stats February 2013 - Top 10 Countries

Top 10 Countries With Highest User Losses

Therefore we go into more detail and look at the top 10 of countries with the highest loss of users. As already mentioned, most users were lost by the United States and Indonesia. But also Japan lost one million active users. The highest percentage user decrease with nearly 11% was however achieved by Nigeria.

Facebook Country Stats - Top 10 Countries With User Losses

Top 10 Countries With Highest User Growth

But every cloud has a silver lining, so there is also a user growth in several countries all over the world. Next to aforementioned Brazil, which also was noted for its growth in the January 2013 Facebook country stats, countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey and Poland added hundreds of thousands of new users each within the last 4 weeks. In this sense, Turkey is on the verge to replace the United Kingdom on the 6th place of the 10 biggest Facebook Countries.

Facebook Country Statistics Of The Top 10 Growing Countries

What do you think? Will the Graph Search have a negative impact on the Facebook country stats? Or are all user losses related to the account cleanup process?

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