Most Talked About Pages Of The WeekIt’s Friday and just like in the last two weeks we present you the most talked about pages of the week. With the very first look on the new ranking we can see that some positions have changed and that we have two new pages in our weekly ranking. Two of the top pages could hold their positions. On the one hand it is the page named God and on the other hand it is Facebook for every Phone. Like in our first article of this series the most talked about topics are religion, science and fun. The twåo celebrities who have made it in the ranking last week couldn’t hold their positions and fall out. The only pages that we can welcome are the pages of Ben & Jerry’s and  1,000,000 Pictures. The american ice cream company has succeeded a PTAT- worth of 3,476,656 in the last 7 days.

Top Ten Most Talked About Pages On Facebook

Pos. Picture Page PTAT PTAT Rate (%)
1.(1.) God God 5,117,128 1,836.80
2.(4.) Family Guy “Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy… WHAT!!… hi! 4,515,369 50.12
3.(2.) Jesus Daily 4,064,583 26.56
4.(3.) I fucking love sience  I fucking love science 4,057,272 134.63
5.(5.) Facebook for Every Phone Facebook for Every Phone 3,748,143 1.92
6.(-) Facebook for Every Phone Ben & Jerry’s 3,476,656 72.02
7.(7.) George Takei George Takei 2,830,052 82.82
8.(-) George Takei Facebook 2,758,796 3.20
9.(4.) George Takei 1,000,000 Pitures 2,488,721 146.13
10.(-) Profile Picture - Shut up i'm talking 2,363,700 37.81

Most Talked About Pages Of The Week Newcomers

Lets focus on the newcomers in our ranking. As noted earlier in this article the only two new pages in our ranking from this week are Ben & Jerry’s and 1,000,000 Pictures. Ben & Jerry’s is an ice cream company from Vermount in the USA and it was founded in 1978. Today Ben & Jerry’s belongs to the best-known companies in their segment. What is interesting about the Ben & Jerry’s page is the fact that they earned this PTAT worth from 28th of Janurary till today. In the days before the  PTAT numbers were at 6k. About  1,000,000 Pictures we can not say anything specific. On this page people publish pictures. Most of these pictures are about animals and there are especially very emotional of funny pictures. If you take a closer look at the pictures, it’s not really surprising to find this page in our ranking. Similar to the content on the page of god the content on this page is chosen so that it gets a maximum number of likes from nearly everyone because who does not like cats or puppies?

That was our overview of the most talked about pages of the week. What do you think of this ranking and the pages in it? How do you think the ranking will be next week?