Blog Opener - Infographic: Social Media Duel: Red Bull VS. MonsterWhen it comes to energy drinks everybody thinks about two major brands: Red Bull and Monster Energy. In addition, there were various duels between Red Bull and Monster Energy, but yet there was no duel with a focus on their social media performance. That was reason enough for us to devote both companies a special infographic and therefore we put them into our social media duel.

A few words on the infographic itself. The first view makes clear that Red Bull dominates when it comes to fans and followers. But that does not automatically mean that they surpass Monster Energy in case of interaction. Since a high interaction index indicates a relative high amount of active fans and vice versa. That’s exactly the case for Monster Energy but we don’t know the secret recipe of them, maybe the customer loyalty is a lot stronger.

We hope you enjoy our newest infographic and we would like to hear your suggestions for future social media duels. Of course you can also browse through all other social media duels we already published.

Social Media Duel: Red Bull VS. Monster Energy

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quintly Infographic: Social Media Duel - Red Bull VS. Monster