Blog Opener Social Media Duel PS4 VS Xbox OneTrue video game players are already full of anticipation, because the Playstation 4 (PS4) and the Xbox One will be in the stores soon. We can’t wait either and to shorten the idle time, we have created a new social media duel infographic. What both consoles have in common is that they were finally announced on the last E3 in Los Angeles and that they will be sold for Christmas 2013. The largest difference between this two home entertainment centers is the price. In Europe, the PlayStation will be 100 € cheaper than the Xbox One. Another point of criticism of the new console from Microsoft is the online coercive and the fact that used games can not be played on the Xbox One. In this duel the official Facebook pages and Twitter profiles of the consoles are competing against each other. As the name suggests, in this duel it’s all about the social media performance of the two counterparts.

But now, let us first look at the graphic itself. It quickly becomes clear that Playstation has the larger fan base in both social networks (Facebook, Twitter). Just like in our last social media duels this means nothing when it comes to user interactions. Also this time the smaller page has more interactions than the larger page, so Xbox One has the lead here. This is also noticeable in the category most popular post. Here, the Xbox One Facebook page got more interactions than the bigger opponent as well. Finally, a few words on Twitter. Here Playstation is clearly more beneficial. First, they have more Followers and second, they have also much more interactions in form of mentions and retweets.

Social Media Duel: Playstation 4 VS. Xbox One

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quintly Infographic Social Media Duel Playstation VS Xbox