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Youtube Analytics quintly news

Benchmark Your Brand Channel Against Your YouTube Competition

by quintly Team on July 24, 2013


YouTube combines a bunch of relevant attributes for today's social media marketing strategies. First, YouTube is today the number two search engine and moreover there is rarely a search query where there is no YouTube video on the first page of the results. Second, and this is often forgotten, YouTube is also a large social network with options to subscribe, like, dislike and share videos as well as adding friends.

In the meantime Google is trying to use the social power and the stunning worldwide reach of YouTube to push the activity on Google+. Third, there are many voices that lead back the worldwide success of YouTube to the effect that it offers an unseen accessibility of the video content. You can consume YouTube videos on virtually every technical device. All these reasons underscore the importance of YouTube in the social media marketing mix.

With the launch of the new quintly not only the design was renewed, we also added tons of new features and the support for YouTube statistics. YouTube is (next to Facebook) one of the few social networks which already offer a deep analytics section for your channel, but the masterpiece for successful social media marketing is missing. Namely: YouTube channel benchmarking.

Since quintly is the worldwide specialist for social media benchmarking we assembled a set of metrics to compare your stats with your YouTube competition in the most meaningful way. In addition to in-depth analytics for Facebook and Twitter, YouTube competition benchmarking is the right next step to optimize your social media performance even better. But what exactly is on board?

quintly YouTube Metrics

As well as for Facebook and Twitter analytics we are planning to constantly optimize our YouTube metric set. Currently the following YouTube metrics can be used:

  • Subscribers Total
  • Subscribers Change
  • Videos Total
  • Videos Change
  • Videos Table
  • Views Total
  • Views Change
  • View Subscriber Rate
  • Average Views PerVideo
  • Interaction Rate
  • Average Interactions Per Video
  • Average Favorites Per Video
  • Average Likes Per Video
  • Average Dislikes Per Video
  • Average Comments Per Video


quintly YouTube Subscribers Total Chart


If you want to get further insights in the given metrics just take a look at our knowledge base.

Benchmark Your YouTube Competition

As seen for Facebook and Twitter, there are also predefined YouTube dashboards with metrics in the areas Subscribers, Videos, Views and Interactions. But with the help of quintly's custom dashboards you are easily able to build a metric dashboard the way you want to have it. Like on other social platforms there are a lot of other possible competitors for your brand channel that try to catch the attention of your audience. Take advantage of your benchmarks and easily optimize your YouTube performance.

quintly Sample YouTube Competition Dashboard

Since YouTube analytics is so new to quintly we are still improving the overall experience, certain metrics and calculations. Therefore, we are very grateful about your feedback. :)


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Youtube Analytics quintly news

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