Average Facebook Page Performance September 2013It’s time again to check the average Facebook page performance. The September version of our recurring infographic is now available. Due to the changes in Facebook Insights, we decided to remove the section about the People Talking About This Rate. In case you missed it, People Talking About This is now split into two new metrics. On the one hand you get a People Engaged metric, including people interactions on posts and on the other hand you get the Other Page Activity metric, which shows mentions, check-ins and user posts. Although we are still getting People Talking About This data points through the API chances are high that Facebook will soon remove the PTAT metric. But the normal People Talking About This count is still included in the comparison section with the total number of interactions.

In our continuous series about the average Facebook page performance, we analyzed the month of September. As always we’ve measured the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (number of fans, interaction rate, total number of interactions, People Talking About, own posts, user posts and the number of likes, comments and shares) for six different page segments depending on the sizes of the explored pages (1-1,000 fans, 1,001 – 10,000 fans, …)

Comparing the average Facebook page performance results of September with those of August 2013 we could easily see that the average number of Facebook fans for the differing page buckets ist still rising. For example, in February 2013 the average number of fans for the page bucket of 10k-100k was 35,075. This number rose to 37,242 average fans in September. For the other page buckets you can easily discover a similar growth.

The Average Facebook Page Performance For September 2013

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quintly Infographic: The Average Facebook Page Performance