[quintly Infographic] The Average Facebook Page Performance For June 2013The average Facebook page performance for May 2014 is out. This time we added the values from our infographic of May 2013 for page and user posts and removed the people talking about this rate. This comparisons make clear that the larger pages posted a lot more than in May 2013. This could be due to the declining post reach and the subsequent action of many pages to publish more posts to reach more users. On the other hand, we can discover that the Facebook users posted obviously less in the last month. While the average number of Facebook fans is still continuously growing for each of the listed page buckets the interaction rate for pages with a size of more than 10k fans seems to stagnate.

This infographic represents an analysis of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (number of fans, interaction rate, total number of interactions, People Talking About, own posts, user posts and the number of likes, comments and shares) for six different page segments depending on the sizes of the explored pages (1-1,000 fans, 1,001 – 10,000 fans, …).

The Average Facebook Page Performance In May 2014:

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quintly Infographic: Average Facebook Page Performance May 2014