quintly Facebook Page Post App UsageIn a recent update of our Facebook analytics set, we have added the metrics Own Posts App Usage and User Posts App Usage. With these new metrics you can quickly find out, what apps Facebook pages and users are using to create their posts. Further you can also see the percentage distribution of the used apps per Facebook page.

On the one hand, you can get valuable insights by using this metric for competitor benchmarking. On the other hand, it helps to understand Facebook users even better by checking their app usage both for mobile devices and desktop.

The Distribution Of Apps Facebook Pages Using For Publishing

The market of posting apps and corresponding social media services is highly fragmented. Currently, we have around 5500 different apps in our database. Of course, some well-known apps, tools and services appear quite often. But there are hundreds of apps, partially in many different languages, you may never heard of. There are also many companies using branded apps, which may be using a known social media tool in the background. However, it can be stated that in general Facebook’s own tools and apps are used most to spread the content.

Which Apps Are Using Facebook Apps To Post Their Content

This example with a group of well-known sports brands shows the app usage over a period of one year. As already noted Facebooks own apps, in this case Desktop, Photos, Video, Links, Status, Pages Manager for iOS, Facebook for iPhone, Android, Power Editor are dominating the usage. Known third-party social media tools that you find here are Sprinklr and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In this case Messenger is an app from Wildfire, Publisher can’t be associated. Nike uses a branded app, which may be based on an existing third-party tool. In fact, Desktop is the most used app by all brands. This means the social media managers directly publish the brand content to the wall.

 What Apps Are Using The Fans To Post Their Content?

Of course, most Facebook users do not use third-party tools, but in general Facebooks own apps. From this split into the different apps, you can also spot the distribution of the different mobile platforms that have been used for posting.

Which Apps Are Using Facebook Users To Publish Their Posts

Also for user posts Desktop takes the biggest share of all publishing tools. Followed by mobile devices from either Android or iPhone. It seems that most users still use their laptop or desktop computer to write. The only app that does not belons to Facebook is named beviral, seems like a rarely used agency app.