Facebook App AnalyticsWith the addition of the metrics for Posts App Usage, showing which apps and tools the Facebook pages and users are using to spread their content, we had the idea to check this app usage data from a wider perspective.

Our objective: Which are really the most used apps for posting? Do the pages mostly make use of Facebook’s own tools or do they prefer special social media marketing tools? So, what are the most used and therefore most successful third-party tools?

We have looked at a sample data set of about 110,000 Facebook pages which created roughly 5 million posts for the month of July 2014. To make the analysis more meaningful, we have split it into two charts below. The first one shows the usage only for third party apps as it is interesting to see which are the leading platforms.

The second chart also includes Facebooks own apps (Desktop, Photos, Links, …). You may be wondering why these own apps show up, but as any other tool also Facebook itself uses applications to publish the content. The analyzed 110k Facebook pages are covering all different kinds of Facebook pages. That means, in this huge data sample there are not only brands but also pages of celebrities, actors, musicians, fun, theme pages and others.

Facebook App Analytics: Top 10 Third-Party Apps Used By Facebook Pages

Top 10 Third-Party Apps Used By Facebook Pages Please note: The number for each of the apps means that  X % of the pages (out of the 110,000 sample set) have used the specific app at least once in July 2014. These pages mostly use a combination of more than two apps to publish their content.

Some third-party tools may have more than one central app and others let their clients create custom apps which are not included in that aggregated numbers. For this reason, the percent values for some of the third-party services can be understood as an approximation.

In the top 10 third-party apps for July 2014, there are some well-known tools but also some surprises. Hootsuite has by far the highest usage of the third-party apps with 3.86% of the analyzed pages. On the second place is Instagram which is, of course, owned by Facebook but until now an independent tool / social network. Bronze goes to Buffer with 0.82%, closely followed by Sprout Social with 0.81%. RSS Graffitis fifth place is somewhat surprising.

It seems a lot of pages prefer the automatic way for posting their blog posts. The Twitter app and its integration naturally benefits from the still common cross-posting behavior of many pages. For the WordPress app the principle is the same as for RSS Graffiti. In addition, WordPress is of course one of the most popular and most used CMS in the world.

The eighth place marks Sprinklr, followed by the social media toolbox of the first really big brand Adobe and the relatively unknown dlvr.it. But Adobe and dlvr.it both are used by roughly 0.22% of the pages. This ranking means a real success for some commercial and small tools and therefore hidden champions, but it also shows that completely free-to-use tools with limited featuresets are still very popular.

Facebook App Analytics: The Top 10 Of All Apps Used For Posting

Facebook App Analytics: The General Top 10 Of All Posting Apps As it was expected, the top 10 of all apps used by pages to post their content, exclusively consists of Facebook’s own tools. With a pretty significant share of 63% the Desktop is still the  number one way for pages. Second placed Photos app is no surprise since the rise of purely visual content is unbroken.

After the Links and Video app, we can note the first mobile-only apps.The iOS platform is leading in this case as it is the official Facebook app and also the Pages Manager that show up. The two equivalents for Android land on the eighth and ninth place. On the tenth place is an app called Share_bookmarklet. First I thought that this is an third-party app, but it is also an Facebook owned tool.

In summary, both charts show that there is still a huge space for professional posting and scheduling third-party tools. On the other side, in several analyses I saw that many Facebook pages of well-known brands are using a mix of commercial tools and Facebook’s own apps since a long time.

To give you even more valuable insights we have added a table of the Top 50 apps below, which are used for posting on Facebook. In two cases it was impossible to find out the owner of the apps although we checked all meta information of the regarding app. In many cases it is also surprising to see which brand is behind a certain app.

Facebook App Analytics: The Top 50

No App Name Affiliation Share
1 Desktop Facebook 62.997%
2 Photos Facebook 20.161%
3 Links Facebook 12.474%
4 Video Facebook 11.026%
5 Pages Manager for iOS Facebook 8.534%
6 Facebook for iPhone Facebook 8.420%
7 Status Facebook 5.486%
8 Facebook for Android Facebook 4.627%
9 Pages Manager for Android Facebook 4.037%
10 Share_bookmarklet Facebook 3.889%
11 HootSuite Third-Party 3.677%
12 Instagram Facebook but independent 2.280%
13 Facebook for iPad Facebook 1.659%
14 Notes Facebook 1.161%
15 Buffer Third-Party 0.816%
16 Sprout Social Third-Party 0.810%
17 Events Facebook 0.737%
18 Power Editor Facebook 0.656%
19 RSS Graffiti Third-Party 0.532%
20 Twitter Third-Party 0.513%
21 Mobile Facebook 0.466%
22 WordPress Third-Party 0.314%
23 Sprinklr Third-Party 0.311%
24 Adobe Social Third-Party 0.224%
25 dlvr.it Third-Party 0.224%
26 MailChimp Third-Party 0.216%
27 Post Planner Third-Party 0.212%
28 IFTTT Third-Party 0.167%
29 Publisher Unknown 0.159%
30 SocialFlow Third-Party 0.158%
31 Wall Facebook 0.135%
32 Pages Facebook 0.130%
33 Connect (Expion) Third-Party 0.127%
34 Widget Share Log App Facebook 0.116%
35 Editor (Percolate) Third-Party 0.115%
36 twitterfeed Third-Party 0.099%
37 Simple Share by Constant Contact Third-Party 0.094%
38 Spredfast High Security Third-Party 0.093%
39 Facebook for BlackBerry 10 Facebook 0.088%
40 PostCron Third-Party 0.086%
41 NetworkedBlogs Third-Party 0.085%
42 Spredfast Third-Party 0.077%
43 Vitrue SRMA (Oracle Social Cloud) Third-Party 0.077%
44 Pages Manager for iOS Facebook 0.069%
45 SumAll Third-Party 0.069%
46 Bandsintown Third-Party 0.068%
47 Messenger Facebook 0.068%
48 HubSpot Third-Party 0.065%
49 Swat.io Third-Party 0.061%
50 Publisher Unknown 0.060%

Which apps are you using for posting? A mix of several tools or do you have a clear favorite? Hit your keys and let us know. Oh, and if you want to know which apps your competitors and fans are using, start your 14-day free trial of quintly today.