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[Infographic] - Average Facebook Page Performance February 2015

The average Facebook Page Performance Infographic for February 2015 is out now. To make our infographic relevant for every social media marketer we split our analysis in six different sized page groups.

We found out that the “Average Number of Facebook Fans” have become more stable, but still growing, compared to our analysis in September 2014. Through KPI’s such as Interaction rate and Number of User Posts we can see that the average user is more likely to engage with Facebook Fan pages compared to five months ago.

We split the infographic into a few sections showing different metrics ranging from pure fan numbers to posting behaviour and number of interactions:


  • Average Number of Facebook Fans
  • Likes, Comments and Share Distribution on own Facebook Posts
  • Interaction Rate
  • Avg. Number of Interactions per own post vs. People Talking About This
  • Number of Page Posts
  • Number of User Posts

How long will this trend continue? Let’s see what our analysis will show next month. Stay in touch with us on Twitter!

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quintly Infographic: Average Facebook Page Performance February 2015


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