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Brands are diversifying their social network presence

Last week I gave a talk at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in Berlin about how brands are using the different social networks and where they are present. This blog post is a summary of the findings we gathered. As we have a lot of data at quintly about how brands and users in general analyze their social media profiles we have a very good base for looking at some general underlying trends we see across our whole user base. (more…)

Homeland vs. The Walking Dead – A Social Media Battleground

Good TV shows are entertaining, addictive and engaging. Engaging in several ways. We all saw ourselves sitting on the edge of our sofas but real fans spend more time than just during the show with their favorite characters. For companies behind the scenes that is a great possibility to build a community, deliver content and engage fans in the end. This blog post looks on how the organizations behind Homeland and The Walking Dead use social media – Facebook and Twitter in this case. (more…)

Instagram Study Q2 2015

Instagram Growing Rapidly – Interaction Rate Drops

After our popular Instagram Study of Q1, we are happy to share the latest Instagram Analytics stats. Since the last study Instagram grew rapidly and we reported steadily increasing interaction rates on the photo-sharing platform in other blog posts and studies published. Here is a quick overview of the main findings: (more…)

The 4 essentials of Instagram Marketing

In our last social media studies Instagram always was the shooting star. That’s why Instagram Analytics get increasingly important. Even though companies have 10x more fans on Facebook than followers on Instagram, the average posts receives up to 12x more interactions. In a nutshell, the organic reach is higher and thus more people can be reached and engaged. That was one of the reasons why we hosted the webinar “How to set up a visual social media strategy and measure success”. The dashboard used during the social media webinar given last week, shows numerous revealing metrics.  (more…)

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