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Meet quintly @dmexco 2014

quintly @dmexco 2014From the 10. till 11. September 2014 one of the largest and best-known marketing fairs in the world takes place in Cologne. Of course, we are talking about Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference or abbreviated: dmexco.

This year’s motto is Entering New Dimensions.

As in the last years, quintly is again represented with a booth. So, if you want to enter new dimensions in case of social media analytics you are invited to visit us:

quintly @dmexco 2014
Hall 7.1
Booth E51/F50

Please contact us at for an appointment at our booth.

See you on the dmexco 2014. :)

Beer On Facebook – An Industry Analysis Tributing The St. Patricks Day

Industry Analysis - Beer On FacebookHave you noticed? Everything is getting a little greener right now. Not really. This time it’s not about environmental protection. The St. Patrick’s Day is near.

We took the chance and created a brief industry analysis for Beer on Facebook, our contribution for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. But before we go into detail, there are a few hints. Facebook marketing isn’t easy for alcohol brands. Next to cigarettes, alcohol is one of the most regulated topics in the world and the strict regulations also apply to the Facebook pages of alcohol brands. Since the age restrictions are depending on the country, it is a lot of work for these brands to set the right country and age restrictions.

But enough of that. It’s time for Beer on Facebook – St. Patrick’s Day Edition.

Beer on Facebook – The Selected Breweries

In selecting the following breweries we were inspired by several blog articles about the best beers for St.Patrick’s Day. But perhaps we also tossed the dice, maybe we were drunk too. Therefore a first ranking based on the People Talking About This and on the total fan numbers of the selected pages.

Pos. Page PTAT Total Fans
1. Bud Light 246,493 5,594,363
2. Budweiser 194,420 3,985,479
3. Dos Equis 61,165 2,283,811
4. Samuel Adams 39,520 678,527
5. Corona 30,577 1,321,134
6. Guinness 20,569 390,299
7. Harpoon Brewery 1,820 49,962
8. Schlafly Beer 1,573 22,188
9. Starr Hill Brewing Company 458 10,969
10. Miller Coors 290 5,500

Because of the above mentioned restrictions we can’t show you the profile images of the beer brands via open graph. As you can see, the more fans the brands have the more people are talking about the beer. There is only one exception, made by Samuel Adams. Although the brand has only half as many fans like Corona, more people are talking about Samuel Adams.

Are The Brands Already Up For St. Patrick’s Day?

When browsing the pages of the beer brands, it’s obvious that only a few are preparing for St. Patrick’s Day or thinking that this day is important for them.

Miller Coors offers free rides especially for ‘St. Paddy’s Day,’ Harpoon created a St. Patrick’s Festival 2013 album, Dos Equis created a post regarding the special irish day with their ad character. Totally in the mood are only Guinness and the Starr Hill Brewing Company. They even changed their cover image due to the upcoming holiday. Corona, Samuel Adams, Bud Light, Budweiser and Schlafly keep a low profile.

Let’s Get To The Point – Beer On Facebook KPI Radar

If you are already asking yourself which brand is the strongest for which metric, our Facebook Key Metrics Radar chart will give you the answer.

Beer On Facebook KPIs

A familiar picture. The brand with the most fans, Bud Light, is also the strongest in case of total interactions. This is facilitated by the fact that they are also posting more content than the other brands. In case of the relative numbers, maybe the most important metrics for professional social media people, Samuel Adams is the strongest beer on Facebook. They are leading the group for the Interaction-Rate, Response-Rate and Fan-Growth-Rate. Only Schlafly Beer has the higher Average PTAT-Rate for the chosen time period.

So: Beannachtam na Femle Padraig! You don’t understand? This is Gaelic and it means ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day!’ :)

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
~Irish Blessing

The Facebook Performance Of The Oscar Winners 2013

Blog Opener for The Facebook Performance of the Oscar Winners 2013A few days ago it finally happened, the announcement of the winners of this year’s Oscar. No other movie prize in the world is so hyped as the Oscars and last night Hollywood proved it once again. Even if there were no big surprises this year it was still an exciting show with a lot of highlights and shining winners. Besides the Oscar winners the moderator Seth MacFarlane made a brilliant job. One of the big winners of this year is Ben Affleck with his movie Argo, because Argo won the Oscar in the premier category best picture. Life of Pi was awarded with 4 gold statues (Directing, Original Score, Cinematography & Visual Effects). The big loser of this year’s award is Steven Spielberg and his movie Lincoln, as the movie was nominated in 12 categories but in the end he could only get two of the coveted prices. The big show is over now, therefore it’s time to check the Facebook performance of the winning movies.

Facebook Performance Of The Winners 2013

Note: The vertical gray line in the graphic are a mark for the The Oscars 2013 | Academy Awards 2013

It should be mentioned that not every actor or director runs an own and official Facebook page and this is why we tracked the pages of the movies. First of all we want to take a look at the number of fans. As we can see in the chart below all pages are growing, but what stands out is the page for the movie Silver Linings Playbook, because this page has been deleted at the end of the last month. There are a few other pages about this movie but they all are not officially so we can’t use them for our ranking.

Fan Total Chart of the Oscar Winners 2013

When looking at the fan growth rate, Silver Linings Playbook attracts even more attention, because this page had an outstanding fan growth rate just before its deletion. We also tried to get in touch with the page owners via Twitter to find out why the Silver Linings Playbook movie-page was deleted. Unfortunately, we haven’t received an answer until now.

Fan Growth Rate Chart of the Oscar Winners 2013

When we now focus our attention on the time around the Oscar awarding itself we see that Argo and Amour got the biggest benefit from this event. For Django Unchained the situation seems a bit different. At the time of publication the movie got the highest growth rate and then it was continuously getting less. If we now turn our view to the post type distribution we realize that something strange is going on. It seems like Argo has no post published in the whole time and this is nearly impossible.

Post Type Distribution Chart of the Oscar Winners 2013

Posts for the page of Argo could not be measured, because they were not posted publicly.

In the screenshot below we marked the icon that shows you when the page isn’t posting public content or that the content has only limited visibility. As a comparison you can see how this looks for a public post on the page of Django Unchained.

Comparison between the Facebook Page of Argo and the Facebook Page of Django Unchained

We hope you enjoyed our article about the Oscars 2013 and the Facebook performance of the winning movies. Which of the movies have you seen and which do you want to see?

The Facebook Performance Of The Oscar Nominees 2013

Facebook Performance Oscars 2013 NomineesYesterday, the nominees for the 2013 Oscars were announced and now the questions comes up, who will make the race and gets the coveted trophy. Lincoln for the best picture? The Hobbit for the best production? Now that the nominees are published, we want to take a look at the Facebook performance of the favorites.

The Movie Lincoln is leading the way to the 2013 Oscars. The movie about the 16th president picked up twelve Academy Award nominations, among others in the category for the best picture, the best production design and the best adapted screenplay. Followed closely by Ang Lee’s Life of Pi with eleven nominations. The third place is shared by Les Misérables and Silver Linings Playbook with eight nominations each.

Category: Best Picture

In this category the nominations are: Amour, Argo, Beast of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Lining Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. For me personally the winner is Django Unchained, but let´s check out the Facebook performance of these movies. Checking the Total Fans chart, Les Misérables is leading with more than 942k fans. This is obviously much more than Life of Pi (2nd place with 435k fans) and Django Unchained (3rd place with 322k fans).

Interaction Average per Post - Chart for the Category Best Picture

But looking at the interactions average per post of Les Misérables it also seems that this movie has the most active fans. This could be related to the fact that Les Misérables is publishing various types of posts.

Post Type Distribution for the Category Best Picture  - Oscar 2013

The Facebook Performance Of The Category: Best Visual Effects

The nominees in the category best visual effects are: Life of Pi, Prometheus, Snow White and Huntsman, The Avengers and The Hobbit. However, when we are looking at the Facebook performance especially at the fans total chart, we have a unique winner: The Avengers (5 Mio. fans).

 Fan Growth Rate for the Category Best Visual Effects Oscars 2013

For the Fan Growth Rate this looks completely different. In this view the winner is Life of Pi. This movie, which is based on a fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel, is clearly leading before Peter Jacksons The Hobbit and The Avengers. Altogether the category best visual effects seems to be very interesting. Depending on the chart we have a new winner.

Category: Best Production

In this category we also have five nominees: Anna Karenia, Les Misérables, Life of Pi,  Lincoln and The Hobbit. When we look at the fan total chart in this category The Hobbit (1 Mio. fans) leads with a large distance in front of the musical film adaptation Les Misérables (942k fans) and Life of Pi (435k fans).

User Posts Chart for the Category Best Production Oscar 2013

In this chart you can see very clearly that the Life of Pi fans are the most active fans. In the last 10 days the fans of Life of Pi posted more than 680 posts.

Finally we can say that the Oscars 2013 will be very interesting and exciting to watch. We will follow that topic and keep you up to date. What do you think? Who will be the winners?

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