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Facebook Native Videos vs YouTube and other video formats

Travel back in time for one year and think about your Facebook timeline. Scrolling down you’ll be likely to find significantly fewer videos than you would today. Facebook pages try different content strategies to engage their users and win their attention for a short period of time. Creative videos are a perfect way to engage your community. Creating a video comes with a higher amount of work than uploading an image and companies want to have a return for that investment – with reach and interactions as the currency.

Social Media Stats 2015

Before we start to focus on buying christmas presents, decorating trees and sipping our favorite christmas tea, we just want to use this last opportunity of the year to show some of the most interesting social media stats of 2015. In this blogpost, we would like to summarize the major studies we published last year and present you all social media stats in one place. After checking back on our own blog, we can say, that you will find quite some interesting studies which were published – with a lot of interesting findings. (more…)

Sponsored Post Detection with 96% accuracy

State of the art machine learning to detect competitors sponsored posts

As the organic reach in the Facebook newsfeed is declining, it gets increasingly important to look at advertising strategies to keep your content up in the news feeds. Therefore, when comparing with your competitor it is essential to understand what share of content has been sponsored so that you really have a meaningful comparison. Here, ¬†our new Sponsored Post Detection helps businesses to receive insights in their competitors social media strategy. As the information about whether a post is sponsored or not is part of the private Facebook Insights metrics and therefore cannot be accessed publicly, we are proud to announce a machine learning based approach that can find out (with 96% probability) if a certain post is sponsored or not without the need for admin rights, so for any public Facebook page. (more…)

Integrating all Facebook Video Metrics

quintly now supports all Facebook Insights Video Metrics

Facebook videos receive higher engagement than images and other content, hence they get increasingly important for marketers. Due to this importance, Facebook now offers some new API endpoints which we used to release a bunch of new Facebook video metrics for page owners. Through these metrics, videos and interactions on those are more measurable than ever before. (more…)

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