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quintly launches sponsored post detection with 96% accuracy

State of the art machine learning to detect competitors sponsored posts

As the organic reach in the Facebook newsfeed is declining, it gets increasingly important to look at advertising strategies to keep your content up in the news feeds. Therefore, when comparing with your competitor it is essential to understand what share of content has been sponsored so that you really have a meaningful comparison. As the information about whether a post is sponsored or not is part of the private Facebook Insights metrics and therefore cannot be accessed publicly, we are proud to announce a machine learning based approach that can find out (with 96% probability) if a certain post is sponsored or not without the need for admin rights, so for any public Facebook page. (more…)

Integrating all Facebook Video Metrics

quintly now supports all Facebook Insights Video Metrics

Facebook videos receive higher engagement than images and other content, hence they get increasingly important for marketers. Due to this importance, Facebook now offers some new API endpoints which we used to release a bunch of new Facebook video metrics for page owners. Through these metrics, videos and interactions on those are more measurable than ever before. (more…)

Visuals receive the highest engagement on Facebook

The following study analyzes 100,000 Facebook profiles and more than 80 million posts from June 2014 to June 2015. The results give insights into which Facebook post type is used most predominantly when marketers share their work. Increasingly many businesses are relying heavily on content marketing as part of their marketing activities. Therefore companies try to reach as many users of their target groups as possible.

Main Findings

Links and images posted most frequently, videos and images drive highest engagement, photo post interactions increasing, interactions on link posts low but increasing.

¬† (more…)

Social Media Benchmarking Study Q2 2015

Main Take Aways

Facebook The average Facebook page posts twice per day, but the number massively differs depending on the size of the page (1-1k fans: 8 times per month, 1m+ fans: 229 times per month), links and photos among the most popular post types, highest interaction on photo posts.

Instagram Users post on average once per day, accounts with 100k+ follower twice, image and video Interaction Rate about the same, the average interaction for pages up to 1k likes have 23 interactions on average, 10m+ followers have 570k interactions per post, Posts receive 29x more likes than comments

Twitter Users tweet on average slightly over 5 times per day, profiles up to 100k followers hardly use replies to users to interact, four interactions per tweet is the average for pages > 1k, Just 1.25x more favs than retweets (more…)

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