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Ay caramba cartoon fans! Today we want to take a look at the Facebook performance of the five most known cartoon series: South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad and The Simpsons. Which of these famous animated sitcoms is the most successful on Facebook and which is doing the best job to engage their fans?
If you are already asking yourself which cartoon on Facebook is the strongest for each of the metrics, our Facebook KPI table will give a brief answer. Here we go!

The Key Metrics For Cartoons On Facebook

Comics on Facebook chart showing most important metrics

Surprised? The Simpsons are not only the oldest, but also the most liked cartoon page on Facebook. Second place takes Family Guy in front of South Park, Futurama and American Dad. Of course, the main reason for liking a page on Facebook is the fact that you are interested in it, but it also depends on how a Facebook page entertains you and invites you to interact by posting engaging content. Therefore which page is doing the best job in case of fostering their audience for interactions?

Let’s start with the South Park Facebook page. Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle are posting more content than the other cartoon pages – the South Park page has by far the highest number of own posts of all cartoons on Facebook. There seems to be a coherence between posting and interactions: South Park also has the highest Interaction-Rate in total. The post type distribution shows that nearly 85% of the content items posted are photos what may sound boring, but apparently works well: A look at the Facebook page ranking shows us, that the South Park page currently is on rank 21.

For A Deeper Insight: The Post Type Distribution 

Cartoons on Facebook chart showing the distribution of different types of postsSo let’s take a look at The Simpsons and Family Guy pages. They are posting less frequent than the South Park page, but still got much more fans in total. The post type distribution shows that both pages offer more variation, less photos but more videos, status messages or other types. The offer of information is much more balanced and therefore more interesting. For example, the Simpsons page often posts background information about the sitcom, which is surely interesting to fans. Nevertheless the big success of The Simpsons Facebook page is for sure part of the great popularity of the animated sitcom since 1989. This series has fans in all ages and all over the world, it clearly enjoys iconic status. If you take a look at the Facebook page ranking, The Simpsons page is currently on rank eight, which is remarkable.

Cartoons On Facebook - Family GuyThe next cartoon to look at is Family Guy. It is the second strongest Facebook page after the Simpsons concerning the number of fans. It premiered in 1999, so it is ten years younger than The Simpsons. In case of the Interaction-Rate, maybe the most important metric for professional social media marketing, Family Guy also ranks first.

We continue with American Dad. This cartoon has by far the lowest number of Facebook fans. The number of posts and also the post type distribution doesn’t look bad here. So, what are the reasons? American Dad is the youngest cartoon on Facebook, it was aired in 2005, therefore it got no iconic incentive and older people maybe don’t know this series. Another reason could be, that the main idea behind the cartoon was to persiflage and criticise the paranoid atmosphere in the USA after 9/11, which may be a sensitive and therefore less popular theme for Americans. Still, the page has the highest Fan-Growth-Rate of all series.

Cartoons on Facebook Futurama sad impression

Futurama has obviously the lowest Facebook activity, It takes the last place in almost all Facebook KPIs. The posting frequency seems to be too low to keep fans interested and engaged. The post type distribution also shows that more than 50% of all posts are links, the page barely posts photos and videos. Lets summarize the facts about the cartoons on Facebook. The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park and American Dad pages are doing a good job to engage their fans and inviting them to interact. South Park might be a bit uncreative, nevertheless very popular. The last place clearly deserves Futurama for being nearly inactive.

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