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Facebook Reactions Study – Reactions hardly used!

Since the end of February Facebook users have the possibility to express their feelings in other ways than just with a Like. This Facebook Reaction study analyzes 130,000 posts and reveals first findings on how Facebook users interact after the official launch. Facebook Reactions added five new options on how people are able to interact with content. For marketers, this feature offers some great information to analyze their content, conversations and community. (more…)

Facebook Reactions Analytics – Now available for all Facebook pages within quintly ๐ŸŽŠ

Analytics for Facebook Reactions were so far just available for your own pages via Facebook Insights. Just recently, Facebook launched Facebook Reactions on a public level and we are happy to announce social media analytics for the reactions of your community โ€“ not only for Facebook Insights but for all your and your competitors Facebook profiles.


Social media measurement: optimize your strategy with interaction metrics

Last week, we looked at different social media interaction metrics. By first comparing different networks, we found that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer rather similar features for engagement, excluding the latter as it doesnโ€™t offer native sharing. Optimizing your social media measurement is essential for understanding your performance better. This will help you improve your strategy and campaigns more efficiently.


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