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quintly Feature Update – Industry Benchmarks

In quintly you are able to compare yourself against your competition, which is crucial for setting up the perfect social media strategy for your business or your clients. Through this you learn which posts are working best for you and the players who aim towards the same target group. Today, we launch a very helpful feature that will further improve the way you market in social. From now on all our users are able to add Industry Benchmarks to their analysis. (more…)

Sponsored Post Detection with 96% accuracy

State of the art machine learning to detect competitors sponsored posts

As the organic reach in the Facebook newsfeed is declining, it gets increasingly important to look at advertising strategies to keep your content up in the news feeds. Therefore, when comparing with your competitor it is essential to understand what share of content has been sponsored so that you really have a meaningful comparison. Here,  our new Sponsored Post Detection helps businesses to receive insights in their competitors social media strategy. As the information about whether a post is sponsored or not is part of the private Facebook Insights metrics and therefore cannot be accessed publicly, we are proud to announce a machine learning based approach that can find out (with 96% probability) if a certain post is sponsored or not without the need for admin rights, so for any public Facebook page. (more…)

Pinterest Analytics now available in quintly 🎉

Since a while we have received increasingly many inquires whether we would be able to add Pinterest to our platform. Now we are! After Pinterest opened its API, we literally jumped on it and did our best to provide our users with Pinterest Analytics as fast as we could.

Today, we are happy to announce that quintly users are now able to analyze Pinterest pages in-depth and take a closer look into significant Pinterest metrics. It is included with every purchased package and our paying clients are able to access it free of charge. Before we explore the new features and show what is possible, first a big “thank you” to our developer team, which integrated the visual social bookmarking service just in three short weeks. Good job, guys! (more…)

Launching Read-Only Users

A lot of our clients have the need to set up more granular user rights, especially when they want to bring people on board who should get access to all the interesting numbers but not being able to change everything inside the account. Therefore we are launching read-only users today.

Read-only users are regular quintly users with a few extra limitations. For example they cannot make any changes to the profiles and groups associated with the account. Also they cannot change any dashboards shared with them through another user in the system. But to give them the flexibility to configure their own metrics, they can still have their own private dashboards and make updates and adjustments to them. (more…)

Social Media Webinars – Introducing #quintlyIQ: New Webinar Series starting June 30

Social Media webinars are a great way for us to share our knowledge and experience we gained over the last years in social media. Due to that and the great feedback we have received from our clients, partners, followers and fans we decided to ramp up our efforts to deliver more webinars going forward. Since more businesses are eager to gain a data-driven view on activities in the social sphere, we see the necessity of proving such effectiveness of activities and are now sharing our insights with the help of webinars. Here a data-driven view on performance is important for any marketer and the upper management to understand the activities. The numerous facets which belong to a holistic social media strategy are often underestimated. Choosing the right metrics, being able to set up a dashboard with the most important KPI’s and reporting in the end, are crucial factors, which will be discussed with hands on examples in our webinars from now on.

Under Armour (more…)

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