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Launching custom colors for quintly charts

With our special focus on offering very high flexibility for our customers to personalize their dashboards and reports, we have gone one step further, creating an advanced new Custom Color feature. Besides being able to change the type of charts, users can now also customize the colors of their graphs, bar charts etc. This integration brings in another dimension of customization as brands can match the graphs to their own (or their competitors’) Corporate Identity, as well as agencies can do this individually for each of their clients.

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Launching Private YouTube Analytics Integration

Following the model of the already existing Facebook Insights integration, we have now also extended the set of YouTube Metrics with the integration of the admin-only YouTube Analytics. With this update it is now possible to track your private YouTube analytics in quintly and add all these private metrics to your personalized dashboards and individual reports. Altogether the new feature allows you to get a much more detailed picture of your YouTube performance.

Advantages of Youtube Insights

From now on you have direct access to all historical data of your YouTube channels so you can track daily snapshots as well as relative counts for any chosen time period, e.g. the relative view count of a video across 2014.

For a detailed analysis on channel level you can now see unique views for each of your channels. Furthermore, you can categorize all channel metrics by country, per traffic source or playback location.

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Another valuable feature coming along with the launch is the Top Ten Videos Table. In one view it lets you check out the top ten performing videos of your chosen time period and you can sort these by any of the given metrics.


Deepening Social Content Analysis With Competitive Click Tracking

Today we are adding a new layer of depth to our Facebook post analyses by introducing competitive click tracking. With this new feature we scan all published brand posts for links that use the most common URL shorteners (,, and check how many clicks they got. Beside the already existing interactions as likes, comments and shares, this allows you to get a more direct impression of the success of a certain post. The completely new thing here is that you cannot only take a look at these numbers for your own profiles but also for any other public Facebook page out there, meaning you can compare your own post click through rates with your competitors.


Feature Recap: Facebook Global Pages, QQL, PowerPoint Exports, Public Shareable Dashboards And More

In the last weeks we have launched a bunch of product optimizations and features to make quintly even more convenient for analyzing your social media success. Many of these tool improvements were desired by customers and we have built them accordingly. Since we know that our users have busy days, we want to summarize all the new valuable enhancements for a better overview.

Custom Metrics With QQL

The launch of QQL was one of the biggest and technically most challenging features until now. QQL stands for Quintly Query Language and is basically a SQL dialect optimized for social media data. This may sound complex, but in fact it is a quantum leap for professional and quantitative social media analyses.


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