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KPIs to Monitor Content Marketing in Social Media

How to Excel in Social Media Analytics: KPIs to Monitor Content and Paid Marketing within the field of Social Media

SocialMediaStrategyThis is a guest post by Z. Eren Kocyigit (BA Economics, MA Finance, Ph.Dc Marketing), a Marketing Thinker (as an Academician and Lecturer) and Doer (as a Marketing Director/Consultant). He has been giving Mobile Marketing, E-business & Internet Marketing and High Technology Marketing Management lectures at Bahcesehir University and Bilgi University. His major research areas are Marketing (Digital, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing). He worked as marketing and business development specialist at Turkey’s one of the leading bank, Isbank, and at Tikle, one of leading digital/mobile technology company in Turkey as product management, marketing and business development director. Since 2012 he has been providing training, mentorship and consultancy services to several brands in various sectors.

‘’You can’t optimize what you cannot measure’’

According to We Are Social’s latest report, there are 2 billion active social media accounts globally. Yes, this number is huge, but since total population is around 7.2, it also means that there will be billions of more active accounts in the future. (more…)

Meet the quintly Team at dmexco

On September 16/17 the global digital economy is going to meet in Cologne, Germany. In the last seven years dmexco has grown to one of the most important digital marketing exposition and conferences in the world. Of course, we will not miss this event and would like to invite you to our booth.

You will find us in Hall 6 Booth G-027


Key Differences between Social Media Listening & Analytics

The terms “Social Media Listening” and “Social Media Analytics” are often mixed up or used synonymously. However, for setting up a successful social media strategy, it is essential for businesses to differentiate between the terms and use both approaches simultaneously. Social Media Listening and Social Media Analytics comprise different methods and applications, we will explain how to combine both profitably. (more…)

How To Create Your Own Formula For Social Media Success

We all hear the discussions about Social Media ROI all the time, but in the end there is no standard answer to the question on the return of your social media activities. That’s why we want to show you a different approach of setting up your own formula for social media success. With the recent introduction of QQL we have laid the foundation for technically defining your own metrics. In this blog article we want to go a step further and help you to get the theory right behind that and to come up with your own formula that measures your success the best. We believe that there is no standardized success formula thats can be accurate, so going the individual path is definitely the preferred and recommended choice.


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