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Using digital analytics to track your site’s success: KPI tips from AT Internet

Companies put significant efforts into reaching a wide audience via social networks, and engaging those users to get them familiar with and invested in the brand. You might generate a strong number of followers, fans, likes, shares, etc., but how does that translate into your bottom line? What do your social followers actually do when they arrive on your website, mobile site or mobile app? How many of their friends are also coming to check you out?

Digital analytics is the key to tracking your brand’s success beyond social media. AT Internet’s digital analytics solution lets you import your social analytics data from quintly directly into easy-to-read dashboards, giving you a full picture of how your social media followers and fans (and their friends) are translating into real customers, and their value to your business over time. (more…)

Ultimate guide to Google Analytics social media tracking

So, you’re enjoying increased sales and global recognition! To whom would you give the credit to? Definitely, your efforts! But just think what would have happened if there were no social media channels to help you promote your business? And what about Google Analytics that helped you all to measure your performance and traffic with social media tracking? (more…)

Social media measurement: optimize your strategy with interaction metrics

Last week, we looked at different social media interaction metrics. By first comparing different networks, we found that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer rather similar features for engagement, excluding the latter as it doesn’t offer native sharing. Optimizing your social media measurement is essential for understanding your performance better. This will help you improve your strategy and campaigns more efficiently.


How to improve your social media interaction – track, measure, optimize

The first indicator that probably every social media manager looks at is the follower count of a given profile. It is one of the most basic social media KPIs. Besides this metric, numbers like the amount of own posts are also very easy to understand. Yet in the end, they only identify how active the analyzed brand is on social media. If you want to refine your analysis though, there are plenty more indicators that are a bit more complex. One group of them revolves around social media interaction on your profile.


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