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Meet the quintly Team at dmexco

On September 16/17 the global digital economy is going to meet in Cologne, Germany. In the last seven years dmexco has grown to one of the most important digital marketing exposition and conferences in the world. Of course, we will not miss this event and would like to invite you to our booth.

You will find us in Hall 6 Booth G-027


2013 – An Awesome Year For quintly

An Awesome Year For quintly 2013We want to shout out a big thanks to all our clients that supported us through 2013 and gave us the chance to build a great product and a great company. The year was an extraordinary one for us here at quintly as we reached major milestones especially on the product side but also the whole company made a big step forward in all disciplines to become one of the big social media analytics players around. Product satisfaction and customer retention is always a big motivation for us, so we are very proud that the last 3 months have been the most successful ones in the company’s history with a net churn around zero and record revenues. We really value that you put that trust in us and want to deliver on that promise in the future even further.

Let me highlight some of the great things that we built for you during this year.

The New quintly – A Major Milestone

Back in July we did our most important iteration. We launched the completely new version of quintly which solved many of the issues that came up with the old interface until then. We took the time and worked on this release for about 5 months and we believe that this will give us the flexibility to grow our product even further in the future with a platform that is scalable, flexible and user-friendly at the same time. Together with the new release came the support of YouTube analytics which was our third network at that time.

Deepening To User Level Data To Give You More Insights

In September we deepened our stats towards more user level data. With the introduction of key interacting users for Facebook and Twitter, we gave you the possibility to really understand who the people are that engage with you on your profiles. We even baked the competitive approach into this, so that you can learn more about the overlaps you have with your closest competitors and other profiles around.

Google+, LinkedIn & Instagram Analytics – Broadening The View

In the last 3 months we added Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram to quintly which brings the total number of supported social networks to six. We heard from our clients that more of them are going beyond Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and that’s why we want to give them the analytics platform that they deserve to have all the information they need in one central place.

Optimization Of The Underlying Infrastructure & Data Sources

Beside all the features that you see in the user interface we have worked very hard on making sure that the platform is responsive, reliable and scalable. We want to be prepared for the growth and challenges ahead and therefore we did a complete rewrite of our import algorithms and optimized our databases to allow massive growth in the next years.

Outlook – What Is Yet To Come?

I can guarantee you that we will not slow down product innovation in 2014. We are already working on some awesome new additions that will bring the whole analytics approach to the next level by giving you more flexibility on what you track and how you can integrate that in your daily routines. It is our main goal, that choosing quintly is a safe bet and will make sure that you are always on the forefront of what is possible when measuring social media success.

I am especially proud of our team, as without them the development we have gone through would not have been possible in that extent. We hope you feel as positive about 2013 as we are and thanks a lot for going on this journey with us. We do our best to make it last as long as possible. To every one of you, have a great Christmas, a good start into the New Year and don’t forget to enjoy the time with your family.

2014 will be great! Are you in? :-)

Founder / CEO

AllFacebook Stats Becomes quintly – Tweet And Win A Business S Package

Logo of quintly - Social Media Benchmarking

Today is a major day for us and we have worked hard for this in the last weeks. With the extension of our services towards Twitter and soon also Youtube, AllFacebook Stats becomes quintly. The rebranding gives us the opportunity to develop our tool in a more customer focused way without being bound to the term “Facebook”. Now our customers using the various business packages are not only able to monitor, compare and evaluate Facebook pages but also Twitter profiles. Towards the end of the year, the integration of the video platform YouTube is planned.

The social media activites of our customers and agencies have gone far beyond Facebook for quite some time now. Therefore our knowhow in the fields of data aggregation and processing has been increasingly requested for other platforms as well. Our services provide you with the quintessence of all important factors for their social media activities at a glance. Thus quintly.

Tweet And Win A Business ‘S’ Package

Because of our rebranding, we are giving away three of our business ‘S’ packages worth $ 69 / month each! That means 12 months advanced Facebook and Twitter analytics completely for free. So tweet this blog post now and take part in our raffle. This contest is valid up to 11.11.2012 at 11:11 clock (UTC).


Good Luck! :)

Comprehensive Analysis Of Twitter And Facebook

In the Twitter profile analysis, the number of tweets, followers as well as followings and retweets are tracked and displayed. The established design of our tool remains the same, the Twitter analysis fits seamlessly into the existent user interface. Towards the end of 2012 we will integrate analytics for YouTube as well, and in 2013, further social media channels will follow.

Additionally, from now on chosen bloggers and students can make use of all quintly services for research purposes. Interested parties can apply at the website of the analysis tool under Bloggers Special or Students Special.

More Service For The Same Price

All business customers can employ their page contingents in any given way for Twitter profiles or Facebook pages. The business packages valid up to now, with „Business“ encompassing monitoring up to 30 profiles/Facebook pages including a 6-months backwards analysis and „Enterprise“ for up to 75 profiles and pages without any time restrictions, remain the same. Also the „Startup package“ including up to 10 Facebook pages and/or Twitter profiles for a 3-month time period is still available. For a higher number of profiles/pages, individual packages are available on request.

Interested parties who only want to monitor up to three Facebook pages without any longer term performance comparison are still able to use the tool for free and without any time limitations.

Big in Japan – We Are Starting A Sales Cooperation With DAC Affiliate Company Torchlight

Torchlight JapanAllFacebook Stats and Japanese marketing agency Torchlight are starting a Japan-wide sales cooperation based on reseller and affiliate operations. Aim of the cooperation is not only the opening of the Asian market on the part of AllFacebook Stats but also the extension of Torchlight’s Social Media services.

Facebook Boom In Japan Creates Demand For Social Media Marketing Services

The country stats released by our web-based analysis tool show an increase in Facebook users by 90 percent in the past 6 months. With now more than 15.5 million users in Japan, the leading-edge social network is becoming increasingly attractive for companies all over Japan. With its data pool of over one million Facebook pages and its experience of providing information for around 20 000 clients from the agency and company sector on a worldwide scope, we’re able to offer the agency added value.

„The fact that Facebook is now about to turn into Japan’s social network no. 1 opens up new vistas for online and Social Media Marketing. After having successfully rolled out our services in other B2B markets, we are looking forward to establishing our services in the Asian market“, CEO and founder of AllFacebook Stats Alexander Peiniger points out.

Torchlight CEO Takeshi Yabuki adds: „With the analysis tool by AllFacebook Stats we are providing our clients with a tool via which they can conduct extensive benchmarking analyses. The integration of Facebook Insights in combination with a both sophisticated and at the same time easily comprehensible graphic presentation enables every company to gain anytime-insight into their own and their competitors’ Facebook Pages.“

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