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How custom metrics can fuel your social media reporting

Every applied online marketing strategy for any business or agency is different. Accordingly, there is no one-size-fits-all-approach to measure the success of campaigns. Social media analytics can greatly benefit your performance evaluation and reporting. One of the central features that quintly offers to all social media marketers is its customizability. With custom metrics you can adjust your measurement efforts in a way that perfectly fits your goals. To give you a better idea of all the possibilities at hand, we created this guide towards creating your first custom metric. Let’s see how it works!


Integrating all Facebook Video Metrics

quintly now supports all Facebook Insights Video Metrics

Facebook videos receive higher engagement than images and other content, hence they get increasingly important for marketers. Due to this importance, Facebook now offers some new API endpoints which we used to release a bunch of new Facebook video metrics for page owners. Through these metrics, videos and interactions on those are more measurable than ever before. (more…)

How To Create Your Own Formula For Social Media Success

We all hear the discussions about Social Media ROI all the time, but in the end there is no standard answer to the question on the return of your social media activities. That’s why we want to show you a different approach of setting up your own formula for social media success. With the recent introduction of QQL we have laid the foundation for technically defining your own metrics. In this blog article we want to go a step further and help you to get the theory right behind that and to come up with your own formula that measures your success the best. We believe that there is no standardized success formula thats can be accurate, so going the individual path is definitely the preferred and recommended choice.


Introducing QQL: The First Social Media Analytics Query Language

QQL - Social Media Analytics Query LanguageHere at quintly we have gone through a lot of iterations on defining different metrics and helping our clients to integrate these in their overall social media strategy. And from what we know from our clients, it becomes more and more important to be able to adjust the metrics according to the specific needs. E.g. for one client the definition of our Interaction Rate is perfect, but another client may need different weights or even skip certain parts of the formula. This is why today we are launching the biggest and technically most challenging feature in our history, QQL.

QQL stands for quintly query language and gives you the power to define your own metrics based on the quintly data pool. As you can hear from the name this is based on the SQL language, technically based on SQLite. You have not noticed it yet, but all the metrics that you currently use in our tool are already running on QQL internally for the last few weeks. Now we want to take the next step and give the same power to you in order to create the metrics you care most about.


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