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Rio Olympics 2016 on social media: Ten athletes to watch

Brazil is hosting the 31st Summer Olympics Games and the whole world will look to Rio Janeiro to follow the favorite athletes. We seized the opportunity and analyzed ten social media profiles of athletes who are participating in the famous athletic competition for you. For this reason, we picked ten athletes from the fifteen athletes to watch list. In the following article are we unveiling insights into the social media usage of the Olympic athletes and see how well their social media accounts performed in July 2016. So let’s find out which Olympic athlete is in favor of winning the quintly social media gold medal? Rio Olympics 2016 on social media: Let the games begin! (more…)

11 players to watch for the quarterfinals

In our last Euro ‘16 on social media article we analyzed 20 players to watch before the tournament started. Here we had a closer look at the athlete’s posts, growth rates, the amount of users that interacted with the stars and their individual interactions. Here Kevin De Bruyne, Mateo Kovačić and the French midfielder Blaise Matuidi outperformed their competitors. Today we analyze 11 players with less than 3 Million fans and show which player might be worth to watch during the quarterfinals. (more…)

EURO ‘16 on social media: Emerging players to watch

Analyzed athletes gained 1.5 million fans in May

The following article analyzes 20 of UEFA’s 100 players to watch with less than three million fans on Facebook in May 2016. The social media performance of the individual players on Facebook could be an indicator of whom is supported by their community and it is also a good indicator of who gained a lot of attention in the last month. Attention could be the result for good performance and coverage in the media. In the end we try to detect players who seem to be on a steep rise, followers and interaction wise. Looking into the crystal ball, that could mean these players become increasingly controversial during the EURO ‘16, which perhaps reflects their performance. (more…)

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