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Pinterest Analytics now available in quintly

by Julian Gottke on November 03, 2015

Since a while we have received increasingly many inquires whether we would be able to add Pinterest to our platform. Now we are! After Pinterest opened its API, we literally jumped on it and did our best to provide our users with Pinterest Analytics as fast as we could.

Today, we are happy to announce that quintly users are now able to analyze Pinterest pages in-depth and take a closer look into significant Pinterest metrics. It is included with every purchased package and our paying clients are able to access it free of charge. Before we explore the new features and show what is possible, first a big “thank you” to our developer team, which integrated the visual social bookmarking service just in three short weeks. Good job, guys!

Here’s what you can expect:

Holistic view on all your social channels

A pretty unique feature of quintly is that you are able to track your own social media data and your competitors data from all chosen networks in one place. This enables you to base your decision-making process in social on numbers and validate future spendings. Now quintly Pinterest Analytics enables you to do the same with Pinterest as you are used to for all the other channels. Especially for E-Commerce Pinterest is highly attractive and we are glad that we can now cover more for marketers active in that field.

Pinterest Analytics Metrics - Check them out

We are starting off with the most essential metrics such as follower change, key metric tables and a key metrics radar. We are already working on new metrics but the first 15 metrics give clients a good start into analyzing activities on Pinterest on a board and pin level. These metrics help marketers to find the right KPIs for their analysis building a good foundation for holistic reporting.

Start with an Overview
A good start of your analysis are overview metrics, which allow you to understand your analyzed group at a glance. Metrics like the Key Metrics Table or Follower Change show numbers such as followers, likes and the development over time. These metrics help marketers to identify the most successful players on Pinterest and which profiles is growing the fastest.

Pinterest Analytics
Follower Analysis on Pinterest 

Before checking interactions it is helpful to analyze change of followers. Ask yourself the right questions to set the most important KPIs. Always have a look at relevant competitors and see how their social media activities are performing. Metrics like Follower Change Rate can be helpful to identify peaks and see the potential effect of campaigns of you or your competition.

Pinterest Followers
Analysis on Pinterest Board level
Every Pinner has the possibility to create different boards. Many users create topic-related boards such as different sports or movie genres. Other users can follow the overall account or just one specific board. To measure performance correctly we enable our clients to analyze on Board and Pin level. With our board analysis you can identify the performance of your boards and adjust your strategy.
Pinterest Board Analytics
Pin Analysis on Pinterest 
For businesses active on Pinterest it is essential to understand which Pins are performing best. That means, which type of content manages to drive the highest engagement. Our analysis on Pin level enables businesses on Pinterest to analyze exactly that.
Pinterest Metrics

Pinterest is highly attractive for E-Commerce. Recent case studies show that 90% of all Pinners already purchased a product because of Pinterest. With “Buyable Pins”, the number of clicks from the product picture to the purchase decreases. Now we you are able to see your and your competitors Pinterest data compared to another network. We will include Pinterest Analytics now in all our studies to learn more about the giant on the rise. For some background information we created an infographic as well as a Pinterest study.

If you are quintly client already, just log in and add your first Pinterest profiles. To do so, just copy and paste the URL of the Pinterest profile you would like to analyze. If you are new to quintly, use our 14-day free trial to get an understanding of Pinterest analytics.


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