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The 10 most-liked UK brands on Instagram

The mobile photo-sharing app, Instagram, has over 14 million registered users in the United Kingdom. That makes the software provider from California the 4th most used social network in the UK. We saw this figure as an opportunity to gather the data for the ten most-liked UK brands on Instagram. (more…)

Big Retailers – Big Engagement? Analyzing the Social Media Strategies of Ikea, Kohl’s & Co.

After we received great feedback on our last blogpost on NYT and their Instagram strategy, we wanted to enhance our understanding of more companies and their strategies in the social media landscape. The following analysis is digging deeper into the social media strategies of big retailers such as Target, Nordstrom, Macy’s, IKEA and Kohl’s. We looked into the content they are posting, the specific posting times and how they try to reach their target customers exactly. The findings are interesting for every marketer, as engagement rates prove an effective utilisation of social media. Fourteen retailers were analyzed and the top three, ranked by the highest engagement rate, are discussed here. (more…)

McDonald’s Growth Rate Outperforms Competition In Social Media Analysis Of “Big 5”

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Red Bull, Pepsi, and Oreo are all huge players in consumers’ everyday lives as well as in the Social Media world. For this reason, they were chosen for this analysis. By using this example we want to share the gathered data and provide insights on how big brands are acting in the social web.

First we want to look at channel-specific insights for each company, which allow us to gain a quantitative understanding of who are the strongest players are across the different Social Media channels. We are interested in creating a “Social Graph” that represents each company’s share of followers relatively to the followers of the other “Big 5” brands. The pie chart below shows the percentage of followers that each company has in relation to the total number of followers of the “big 5” across all four channels, whereby we analyzed the period from October 2014 until beginning of February 2015.

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