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Benchmark Study: Set the right social media goals for 2017

It’s that time of year again. December not only means getting Christmas presents for your loved ones; It also means having to take closer look on the year’s performance before we can celebrate the new year with some fireworks. The following blog post takes our Social Media Benchmarking Study as a source for referencing in order to set social media goals properly. (more…)

Deepening Social Content Analysis With Competitive Click Tracking

Today we are adding a new layer of depth to our Facebook post analyses by introducing competitive click tracking. With this new feature we scan all published brand posts for links that use the most common URL shorteners (,, and check how many clicks they got. Beside the already existing interactions as likes, comments and shares, this allows you to get a more direct impression of the success of a certain post. The completely new thing here is that you cannot only take a look at these numbers for your own profiles but also for any other public Facebook page out there, meaning you can compare your own post click through rates with your competitors.


How To Find Competitors On Facebook You Didn’t Know About

Competitors On FacebookWe worked with a lot of clients around the world and it is really fascinating how many of them actually find other market players in their segment, which they did not know about before, and this only by analyzing and comparing their social media and especially Facebook performance. A lot of people will tell you that they don’t have direct competitors on Facebook and therefore they don’t know with whom they should compare with. Here are a few ways to find out about competitors by using and tracking your Facebook figures.

Use the Facebook Page Ranking to see who else is in your category

By using our Facebook Page Ranking you can easily see the leaders in each of the page categories that Facebook offers. Just check out which other players are in the ranking for the same category your page is in to get good benchmarks with the performance of players in the same industry.

Check out some of your fans to see which competitors on Facebook they like

In many situations the fans of your brand are interested in the your industry in general. Therefore chances are very high that they also like one or the other of your competitors on Facebook. Just go ahead and check out some of your fans private profiles and see what other pages they like.

Use our Similar Pages feature based on crowd intelligence

Last year we introduced a great feature called “Similar pages”. When adding a page or profile to our quintly social media tool, our intelligent algorithm makes suggestions on what pages are similar to the one you are adding. We use crowdsourcing algorithms for this, checking if other users of our tool have already added the page and how they have clustered it together with potential other pages. The algorithm gets better and better when people use our tool and our clients had great success with it in the past.

Have you ever found competitors or other players by using social media analytics tools?

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