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Clinton picking up pace on social media – but enough to beat Trump?

After Donald Trump managed to surpass Hillary Clinton in the polls in late May 2016, the tides have turned again. Latest data (July 4, 2016) shows the former secretary of state is 4.6% ahead of her republican competitor. At the same time, it has become a well known fact that Trump is clearly leading over Hillary Clinton when their social media statistics are compared. But does his declining popularity among voters also diminish his success on Twitter and Facebook? Let’s find out in our latest social media analysis of the US presidential elections with data from June 2016. (more…)

US Presidential Elections in Social Media: Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton – Sanders outperforming Clinton regarding interactions

With Super Tuesday approaching, the run for presidency is picking up pace. In our last article on the US presidential elections in social media, we compared the social media performance of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and billionaire Donald Trump. Here we found that for both, there is a strong correlation between the number of their followers and their approval ratings. This time, we want to explore another combination by comparing the two democratic candidates Bernie Sander and Hillary Clinton.


US Presidential Elections in Social Media: Sanders vs. Trump – strong correlation between followers and ratings

Remember when Obama was running for president in 2008? Back then, there was much attention to how well the rather young candidate used social media in his campaign. Today, a solid appearance on all relevant social media channels is expected from every politician. Nonetheless, the current contenders for becoming their party’s candidates take it to the next level, especially as the number of active social media users is much bigger today than it was back eight years ago. In the following article we compare social media data with approval ratings for the presidential elections in 2016.


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