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Twitter study: Steep drop in interactions for biggest profiles!

It is time for our first Twitter study in which we take a closer look on the first six months of 2015 and 2016. We analyzed a huge amount of Twitter profiles, 30k if you want to know the exact number, but don’t expect a simple resume of boring numbers and data. This study provides an interesting in-depth insight into the logic behind Twitter, and works out specific details of usage and strategies of the micro blogging channel. Keep in mind that this study is not only beneficial for marketers but also for everyone else that wants to learn more about the behavior of Twitter. The numbers will not only help you to understand the changes that happened in comparison to the first half of 2015, but also provide an understanding of the distribution of engagement on Twitter. We categorized the analyzed profiles in six different groups, so that every marketer is able to benchmark their own performance against the individual average. Are you so excited as we are about the results? So let’s get started! (more…)

Twitter Link Shortening Analysis – Is The Clear Market Leader

Tweet Link Shortening AnalysisWith the general rise of social networks and microblogging platforms and the fact that people share a lot of links every day, the popularity of link shortening services has grown massively. URL shorteners squeeze a long and complicated URL into a short link and therefore make it easy to share those links with others.

The shortening technology already got patented in September 2000 and the patent was issued in 2005. TinyURL, a still existing service was launched in 2002. Today there are hundreds of shortening services, many of which can not only shorten the original link but provide the short link with additional services.

Also many of the big companies offer their own link shortening service. Twitter shorts every link you want to post with its service, no matter whether this link has already been shortened or not. In addition to Google’s service and the standard link shortening service of Hootsuite called, the worldwide best known service is without question Since offers the possibility to use a custom domain for shortening, thousands of brands and tools are using the technology under their hood.


Twitter Hashtag Analysis: Do People Really Use Them?

The first thing which comes in to your mind if you hear somebody talking about Twitter is hashtags. Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet and are a central feature in the social network. The hashtags on Twitter were born on August 23, 2007 and invented by Chris Messina. His first tweet using hashtags reads as follows:

A lot of studies tried to identify the best hashtags and what the best number of hashtags are you should use. Hashtags can start conversations and make a tweet findable by a much bigger audience than your own followers and increase interactions. Twitter creates lists with trending hashtags and hashtags can be used to find relevant news or even predict global events. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently published a study with the result that especially data from Twitter could predict the 2013 coup in Egypt and the social unrest associated with it.

Infographic: The Rise Of Social Media Analytics, The Demand Keeps Growing

quintly Infographic: The Rise Of Social Media Analytics - The Demand Keeps GrowingSocial media has become an important part in the lives for most of the people. The interest in social networking seems to continue unabated. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube already reach maturity and upcoming networks like Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram and more are now wooing the attention of users. Especially the worldwide ubiquity of smartphones provides a new upswing for mobile social networking. Therefore social media is still growing in an unbelievable pace.

But where so many people gather, companies and their marketing are away in a blink of the eye. Social media marketing is today one of the most important channels in the marketing mix of nearly any business in the world. No other channel crosses so much through all departments of a company. Therefore a very high demand for social media analytics tools is obvious. The rise of social media analytics seems to be unbroken and hasn’t reached its peak yet.

In order to show how high the search volume for social media analytics solutions has grown over time and that the interest in analytics solutions for the top social networks apparently is very dependent on the country, my colleague Joe created a brand new infographic. Therefore we checked the global and country specific search volume for Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Google Plus Analytics and Pinterest Analytics since early 2007 with the help of Google Trends.

The Rise Of Social Media Analytics

If you want to share and use this infographic, please copy the code below to easily embed our infographic into your content:

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quintly Infographic: The Rise Of Social Media Analytics – The Demand Keeps Growing

What do you think? Is Social Media Analytics important for you?


Why You Should Start Benchmarking Your Twitter Statistics

Twitter LogoTwitter – it is the world’s most famous service for so-called microblogging and actively used by more than 200 million people around the world. Next to Facebook no other social network is on everyone’s lips like this service with the iconic blue bird. Launched nearly 7 years ago, nowadays Twitter handles an unbelievable number of around 340 million tweets per day. Anyone, like celebrities, actors, politicians, athletes, stars and starlets, and of course, mostly the regular guy can be found on Twitter today.

Furthermore Twitter became an important channel for all kinds of global news, because of its instant word spreading and its huge adoption on mobile devices. More or less important topics, which are creating the most buzz all over the world or directly for a growing number of countries are shown in the top 10 trends. Twitter also continues to be the main driver for social TV interaction. According to Nielsen during June 2012, a third of active Twitter users tweeted about TV related topics. And, there are so many other fields and ways, in which Twitter can and was be used.

No Inbuilt Twitter Statistics For Your AccountAs an essential channel for almost all social media marketing efforts, Twitter plays also a major role for any kind of business. But here is also one of its biggest problems – there are no Twitter statistics for your performance. Instead of services like Facebook and YouTube, where page or channel owners get Insights or other metrics, there are no inbuilt Twitter Analytics to measure your success. Only if you use Twitter advertising, you get some stats for your performance. In your profile there are just three basic numbers, number of total tweets, followers and how many profiles you are following back. But hey, you get a notice when someone favs or retweets your stuff.

This lack of service hasn’t changed yet although many people, especially marketers are highly interested in analytics data for the performance of their Twitter marketing activities.

Google Trends – Interest Over Time On Twitter Statistics

Google Trends - Twitter Statistics

As you can see, since the social network was launched, the interest in Twitter statistics has grown continuously. Because of its vibrant ecosystem, there are already numerous services which are helping you to close Excel and instead generating automated performance reports for you. In fact, there are thousands of free and paid tools out there which are offering countless ways to measure your success.

Start Benchmarking Your Twitter Statistics

Besides the fact, that many of them are just fun projects, outdated and untrustworthy there is mostly another lack of service – Twitter benchmarking. Many tools just focus on your own Twitter data and one can’t say it often enough, just watching your own numbers won’t help you to optimize your social media marketing efforts. Living in an own data vacuum won’t help you to get better. Therefore you need to compare your Twitter statistics with competitors. With the right tools it is very easy to keep an eye on the activities of your competition. In addition you should always compare your stats with them to gain new insights of whether you are already on the right way or if there is still room for optimization. Checking the stats of competitors over time, will help you to get a pretty clear sense of their overall growth, activity, reach and what type of content is working to create new leads, interactions, sign ups or whatever you try to reach.

quintly gives you the opportunity to start benchmarking your Twitter statistics in an unseen way. You can easily get a great overview of your own performance and compare all your data with competitors to further optimize your marketing efforts.

Example Chart For Twitter Statistics

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Twitter Fail Whale by shannabanan-o-rama

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