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Study proves: 1055% higher share rate on Facebook native videos

We’ve refreshed this study for 2017 to keep you updated about the latest developments on the usage of videos on Facebook.

Millions of videos are shared on Facebook timelines, and in particular, brands are including more and more video content to their Facebook strategy. This process is mainly due to the fact that video content has the advantage of engaging users in a more intense way. By combining visual and audio components, videos have the possibility to share an experience that goes beyond that images. But not only the post type itself is relevant; It also matters which kind of video format is used. And that is where it gets interesting for marketers, because the social network gives their user the possibility to choose from a vast range of formats, such as Facebook native videos, YouTube, Vimeo etc…


Facebook Native Videos vs YouTube and other video formats

Info: Please find the update version (March 2017) of our Facebook Native video study here.

Travel back in time for one year and think about your Facebook timeline. Scrolling down you’ll be likely to find significantly fewer videos than you would today. Facebook pages try different content strategies to engage their users and win their attention for a short period of time. Creative videos are a perfect way to engage your community. Creating a video comes with a higher amount of work than uploading an image and companies want to have a return for that investment – with reach and interactions as the currency. (more…)

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