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The Best Chart for the Job

Graphs are a big part of analytics. Line charts, column charts and the occasional pie chart are possibly the most popular charts we see out there, but it doesn’t mean we are limited to using them every time. And even if we do enjoy these charts, we can always swap between them to see what makes a metric shine the most. It is about reaching more insights in the end, and reaching them faster too.

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Launching Gauge, Continuous Bubble and Funnel Charts

Since we are continually striving to perfectly match our customers' needs and want to offer the best possible service we had already launched our QQL (Quintly Query Language) last year. This feature enables all customers to create individual metrics for their dashboards and reports. Over the last year, together with our customers, we have created a huge base of custom metrics and we would like to share some brand new chart types with you.

Gauge Chart

The Gauge Chart gives you the possibility to visualize a target you have set for any KPI in

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