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The perfect social media post: Less can be more!

When googling for the perfect Facebook or Instagram post, you will find many articles tackling this topic. The thought makes sense as organic performance is still a huge part of most social media marketing strategies, despite reports of declining reach. To try and answer the question for the perfect post, we analyzed more than 12 million Facebook and Instagram posts from January 2018. Though many results were expectable, they were sometimes also surprising.

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20 Most Important US Brands Social Media Usage Report

Tilo Kmieckowiak Written by Tilo Kmieckowiak
in Data Analysis, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, US Brands on March 01, 2018

Social media usage around the world is soaring and has probably not even reached its peak yet. It’s no wonder—all of us marketers want a piece of the pie, and we invest a lot of time into social media marketing. We were wondering how the big brands use this huge potential for outreach, so we analyzed the social media activities for the 20 biggest and most important US brands (according to Interbrand) in 2017.

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