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Instagram Analytics – How to Measure Instagram Performance

Instagram offers great possibilities for very different businesses. Key to success is a clear strategy including the correct KPIs to measure the success of campaigns. After that, campaigns can be adjusted and marketers can focus on what worked best. As an overview on how to measure Instagram performance, I decided to write an in-depth article on Instagram Analytics, reflecting on what we’ve learned at quintly in the last years.

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Instagram Study Q2 2015

Instagram Growing Rapidly - Interaction Rate Drops

After our popular Instagram Study of Q1, we are happy to share the latest Instagram Analytics stats. Since the last study Instagram grew rapidly and we reported steadily increasing interaction rates on the photo-sharing platform in other blog posts and studies published. Here is a quick overview of the main findings:

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New York Times is going “All-In” on Instagram

The interest in Instagram is certainly growing. We read in an article a while ago that the New York Times is going “All-In” on Instagram. After that we got curious about how and why one of the biggest players in the newspaper market is doing that. In the article Alexandra MacCallum, assistant managing editor for audience development at the Times, announced that the newspaper now employed staff that is responsible for cutting 15-second videos.

Instagram is a good method of mobile marketing and is a useful approach to increase customer

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Instagram Analysis: How 10 B2B Brands Use Instagram

Due to the massive development of Instagram, we decided to see how the development shows in an old analysis or if it shows at all. This article was originally written on October 9th, 2014. Now three years later, we will travel in time to find out how B2B brands use Instagram today.

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2013 - An Awesome Year For quintly

We want to shout out a big thanks to all our clients that supported us through 2013 and gave us the chance to build a great product and a great company. The year was an extraordinary one for us here at quintly as we reached major milestones especially on the product side but also the whole company made a big step forward in all disciplines to become one of the big social media analytics players around. Product satisfaction and customer retention is always a big motivation for us, so we are very proud that the last 3 months have been the

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Snap! Welcome Instagram Analytics And Benchmarking

Say Cheeeeeeese! Yes, we are obviously on a network addition run and today we are introducing Instagram analytics and benchmarking within quintly. With more than 150 million monthly active users all over the world, Instagram has become an important part in the social media strategy of visual-driven brands.

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