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5 Ideas to Optimize Your Social Media Analysis

Tilo Kmieckowiak Written by Tilo Kmieckowiak
in Research, Social Media Analysis on December 11, 2017

In September 2017 I went to a presentation of a newly published scientific paper examining how social media was used in the latest German federal elections. As I did my Master’s in political science and marketing, the event naturally sparked my interest. After the presentation, I talked to one of the creators of the paper, Swiss researcher Daniel Vogler of the Research Institute for the Public Sphere and Society (fög).

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Measuring content marketing - That is what you need to know!

For many companies, content marketing is considered the holy grail of marketing, and they anticipate great success through it. Although some companies are really successful, others struggle to tailor high-quality and well-targeted content specifically towards their own business, and more importantly, to their community. This article will deliver some points to consider in terms of content marketing and, specifically, about measuring content marketing.

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Are brands prepared for the rise of Pinterest and use of Pinterest Analytics?

Social Media is not just another advertising channel as many people like to think. And it is not a set of platforms trying to copy each other while offering the same old features. The social media landscape is far from being owned by Facebook or Twitter, and what keeps many marketers from understanding this is possibly the excess of unuseful information throughout the Internet, or the lack of time to invest in objective thinking, analytics and a bit of strategy. In this case in Pinterest Analytics. 

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Visuals receive the highest engagement on Facebook

The following study analyzes 100,000 Facebook profiles and more than 80 million posts from June 2014 to June 2015. The results give insights into which Facebook post type is used most predominantly when marketers share their work and receives highest engagement on Facebook in the end. Increasingly many businesses are relying heavily on content marketing as part of their marketing activities to receive highest engagement possible. Therefore companies try to reach as many users of their target groups as possible.

Main Findings

Links and

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KPIs to Monitor Content Marketing in Social Media


This is a guest post by Z. Eren Kocyigit (BA Economics, MA Finance, Ph.Dc Marketing), a Marketing Thinker (as an Academician and Lecturer) and Doer (as a Marketing Director/Consultant). He has been giving Mobile Marketing, E-business & Internet Marketing and High Technology Marketing Management lectures at Bahcesehir University and Bilgi University. His major research areas are Marketing (Digital, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing). He worked as marketing and business development specialist at Turkey’s one of the leading bank, Isbank,

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[Infographic] - Average Facebook Page Performance February 2015

The average Facebook Page Performance Infographic for February 2015 is out now. To make our infographic relevant for every social media marketer we split our analysis in six different sized page groups.

We found out that the “Average Number of Facebook Fans” have become more stable, but still growing, compared to our analysis in September 2014. Through KPI’s such as Interaction rate and Number of User Posts we can see that the average user is more likely to engage with Facebook Fan pages compared to five months ago.

We split the infographic

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Instagram fake follower removal decreases numbers by up to 18%

Alexander Peiniger Written by Alexander Peiniger
in Instagram, removal, Research, fake follower on December 29, 2014

Earlier this month Instagram did a big clean up in order to remove fake followers from a majority of the profiles. To get a better sense how the follower numbers have been affected, we analyzed the numbers before and after the process for a sample set of 3,500 profiles and came to the following results.

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Instagram Analysis: How 10 B2B Brands Use Instagram

Due to the massive development of Instagram, we decided to see how the development shows in an old analysis or if it shows at all. This article was originally written on October 9th, 2014. Now three years later, we will travel in time to find out how B2B brands use Instagram today.

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Twitter Hashtag Analysis: Do People Really Use Them?

The first thing which comes in to your mind if you hear somebody talking about Twitter is hashtags. Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet and are a central feature in the social network. The hashtags on Twitter were born on August 23, 2007 and invented by Chris Messina. His first tweet using hashtags reads as follows:

A lot of studies tried to identify the best hashtags and what the best number of

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[Infographic] April 2014: Is Your Facebook Page Performance Above The Average?

Time for the April 2014 version of our recurring infographic about the average Facebook page performance. This time we added the values of April 2013 to enable you to compare some of the results.

For the infographic we've measured the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (number of fans, interaction rate, total number of interactions, People Talking About, own posts, user posts and the number of likes, comments and shares) for six different page segments depending on the sizes of the explored pages (1-1,000 fans, 1,001 – 10,000

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