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Seasonal and Trend Analysis in Social Media Analytics

Seasons are a big part of marketing and business in general. Certain periods of the year can reflect positively or negatively on the results of business. The reasons behind that will vary from one industry to another, and can also change depending on the territory, product category, or even if a sudden new technological advancement is out. A seasonal analysis, or an analysis of a longer period to detect any potential trends in the market is therefore a big part of analytics. When it comes to social media analytics specifically, this can be

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Little known ways to improve your social media report

The creation of a social media report is a long lasting and difficult task, which involves a lot of different aspects and certainly a lot of testing. You may already have noticed that every social media report concept follows a different approach and sometimes you do find overlaps. It sometimes feels like asking the deeply philosophical question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” because there is no certain answer to these questions. A myriad of factors come into play in the process of creating a social media report.

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How to create a social media report: A step by step guide

One of the first steps of every successful social media strategy is to create a social media report. No matter how advanced your social media strategy already is, you will always need a social media report to measure if you have reached your goals. A good social media report will help you to focus on the big picture and also make it easy for you to communicate your social media success within your organization. To really get value out of social media you have to make sure that your social media department knows what is going on -

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Set up an effective social media report

Social media analytics are not just for the end-user and neither should those statistics be only seen as vanity metrics. Working with up-to-date data goes way beyond and has to fulfill certain requirements to be of use for a whole company. What benefit does it bring when the social media manager of a brand's Facebook, Twitter or YouTube profile knows about the performance results of its brand own social media strategy, but can't communicate these outcomes to other departments of the company? One way of sharing your data into an actionable

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